Conspiracy Theories – GGN News S. 2 Ep. 12

Check out episode 12 of GGN’s second season featuring Nemo Hoes discussing popular conspiracy theories. Do you agree? Subscribe to WestFestTV: …




  1. Even all of the water on planet Earth will have evaporated into space after the next 4 billion years. I love you snoop, but you don't know shit about space.

  2. How so? Also Our galaxy will eventually collide with a galaxy called Andromeda our closest galaxy neighbor this will happen in about four billion years. Really man there's tons of ways our existence will end

  3. Our existence will end someday yes, its a cycle, so technically he isn't wrong. It'll end, refresh, then start right back up.

  4. Let me in-lighten you..
    Your true to the evolution but you don't see the effects we make too our food supply..
    Its true shit.
    Put the money so the supply chain keeps walking on technology
    😮 some UBitchU shit

  5. Snoops right. It's known CIA gets involved with everything that has to do with drugs. They control it, manipulate it. If they really wanted to get rid of hard drugs it could be done within a couple of months. But there are so many people tied up in it that it would destroy the country.

  6. that's the kind of shit people speak about when they smoke tree. get hella high and start looking for the real answers. your conscience is at work ya dig. by da way 4:26 "should have been a history teacher" lol.

  7. damn SNOOP why it gotta be WHITE BITCHES out there …WE AINT ALL BAD!!! lol besides that i LOVE your show your the fucking man

  8. me to snoop I'm coo to get u some promethazine /codeine mixture

    wat about given u a phone iPad that records ur personal shit and can blow a mf mansion up in way u get it yo vape pen doesn't vape dry herbs and the TOBACO it burns it not vaping

  9. he is intelligent as fuck as he high all the time weed makes u smart people stop drinking and doing other drugs and shit weed is from the herb god put this here for me and you damn

  10. Weed is a herb that God create to heal some kind of medical sickness, if don't believe me do research on foreign countries such as India. I do believe weed should not be illegal due to health reasons, but should be allow only for health.

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