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SOURCES: 0:01 “Sprinkler Rainbow Conspiracy” (mirrored from “HAARP’s Rainbow Aerosol’s” (sic)) 1:20 — HAARP details from Wired magazine http://www.wired.com/politics/security/magazine/17-08/mf…




  1. Engineers/Architects and pilots for truth are not crazy conspiracy theorists. Watch or rewatch' 9/11 the new pear harbor' without a bias. If you have than I believe you treat your skepticism as a false religion just as much as you blame others with their regions. Use logic to pick on the low lying fruit and claim skepticism to support your self confirmation bias on others.

    Of course there are looney theories out there but you're too skeptical. Too skeptical on the human imagination and it's creativity to inflict harm on itself, or at least on others. You cannot be skeptical on the proof of that. Only reason I write this is because it's you that are making the videos. Claiming to be a skeptic doesn't erase how blatantly you project, even if unconsciously, how much you think you're right. In the end, that will always be the errand of the fool.

  2. The only believable conspiracy theory: it's true all of it nwo, illuminati, Freemasons, reptilians, greys, vampires, space nazis…. they all exist and all are trying to rule the world. But they all completely hate each other so as soon as one group acts the others counter it so the net effect is exactly the same as if they didn't exist.

  3. With regard to the first video clip with the woman denouncing the wave nature of light – one hopes the siren in the background is that of the men in white coats come to take her away….

  4. Using the clips related to 9 11 was a bit of a strawman treatment. If you want the considered approach to "facts" that you claim, check out Architects and Engineers for 9 11 Truth. The NIST report on building 7 is a farce.

  5. Clickbait thumbnail. I was looking for an explanation to the pod on the belly of the plane. You can look up aircraft experts, pilots of those aircraft, and military personnel clearly stating that it is not normal. The footage was analyzed by a 3rd party and confirmed that there was something attached to the aircraft that was 3 dimensional, and was not a reflection or video anomaly.

    Seems like you realized you could not debunk it, so you didn't even try, but instead passed the buck. Many of us have exhausted our research abilities. It is not that we haven't tried. It seems you threw in the towel before the 1st round began.

  6. Yes it's me — Here's a fact for you — The term CONSPIRACY THEORY is a phrase invented by the CIA to deflect criticism of the conclusions of the US Warren Commission after the death of John F Kennedy. We know this to be true from a document released under a  Freedom of Information request. Have a nice day.

  7. I can explain the various theories that creationists speak of to the multitudes. You see, they get their science education in Sunday school. I am not joking.

  8. Why are so many Americans being abducted by aliens or suffering from Conspiracy Mass Hysteria Syndrome. They can't all be drinking glyphosate so is it GM Foods?

  9. This is my favorite video on YouTube.

    Edit: also, calling them "conspiracy theorists" gives them too much credit. I call them "conspiracy hypothesists."

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