Conspiracy Theories are Dangerous Says British Prime Minister David Cameron

Conspiracy Theories are very dangerous says British Prime Minister David Cameron at the United Nations. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Click “Like” …




  1. And the half assed 'theory' that we got thanks to 'Condi' Rice and her boy Philip Zelikow, etc. is inspiring power-hungry 'axxhxxxx' like Cameron to think that they just might be able to pull another fast one without it's hardly being noticed, should they perceive the need. No thanks, 'Davey boy' !

  2. My history teacher put on that show you were in on history channel. I started getting happy and excited. Then people started calling it stupid :/ oh well I hope it reached someone. God bless

  3. I am a brit looked at lots of vids of pentagon and if someone asked me what caused it i would say bunker missile.The shape of hole wear it smashes through concrete then explodes.If was plane it would  be wrapped up on front of building and all windows smashed and have newspapers showing close shots of still windows intact and  no plane and cars on fire. 

  4. agenda 21 is not a theory it's a model for UN policy so these so called conspiracy theories are not thast far fetched unfortunately but most will get it finally when the tentacles begin to tighten.

  5. Wow!!! Christians and Jews are apparently "sick terrorists" and the poor Muslims and their governments are simply in the process of reclaiming their religion. The NWO is in full swing in Britain. Persecution for any on line free speech will no longer be tolerated by the hidden rulers of the west. It is REALLY going to get ugly soon! Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Lenin would be really proud. I know Satan is jumping up and down with glee!

  6. Yeah well said man, i'm keeping my eyes on Sierra Leon in Africa to see what the diamond companies will do (De Beers mainly) because the conflicts over, at the moment literally it's the Ebola scare to keep diamond prospectors out before they can get another war going and keep whiteys away from their trillion dollar business my 2 cents

  7. There's just no point in taking the Zionist controlled politicians or press seriously. Almost everything coming from those two sources these days is some form of false witness. 

  8. In that case,I'm am 1000% in support of ISIS because ISRAEL hit The towers. I think it's a bit of a stretch to tie me to ISIS a, but if those are the terms, I am ISIS a and Cameron is bugs bunny. Michelle Malkin flew flight 175. What's that make me? The anti-christ? ISIS was created by bush and mccain and Cameron had better watch what he says. It's free speech motherfucker. On thin ice trying to take mine away. ISIS that !!!

  9. You don't want people to follow so called "Conspiracy Theories " then have  a proper investigation into it , "Building 7" says it all! .

  10. I haven't read or seen mainstream media for over 2 years – what is this new evil ISIS?… Seriously, what agency do they work for???

  11. brainwashing is successful when you dont realize youve been brainwashed. these arent theories, this is just plain conspiracy!

  12. I'm sorry, but I agree. conspiracy theories are dangerous. but if you want to make Muslims look like victims in some huge United States orchestrated plot, then go ahead. you have the right, but I have the right to call you a complete fucking moron

  13. Mark Dice probably whispers 9/11 conspiracies into women's ears when he tries to flirt. Mark dice and Alex jones think everything is a conspiracy either for the YT views or because of their own trust issuers

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