Conspiracy Theories and the Problem of Disappearing Knowledge | Quassim Cassam | TEDxWarwick

At TEDxWarwick, Quassim will discuss conspiracy theories and their implications. He will explore how they pose a threat to our knowledge and stress the growing importance of debunking them…




  1. The choice of examples seems to want to lend credibility to those examples as though they are worthy of serious consideration. Is this a  conspiracy in  which Mr. Cassam   is participating? I reject his argument and the validity of his examples.

  2. The official narrative is almost always contradicted by all the available facts and evidence when it comes to mass casualty events in these crazy times.

  3. How do we know that these conspiracy theories weren't started by the people who started the attack e.g al qaeda started the conspiracy that the American government was behind 9/11

  4. I think it has more to do with the Rockefellers taking over education over a century ago and dumbing people down because in their mind we they need worker bee's not more philosophers

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