Conspiracy Theories About The Royal Family That Are So Convincing They Might Be True

Crazy conspiracies about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Princess Diana and all the members of the Royal Family. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 …




  1. Dual citizenship is not an option. Citizens of the USA must completely give up allegiance to any/every other nation. Meghan renounced her citizenship by becoming a citizen of U.K.
    Even if she didn't say this…by declaring allegiance to another nation…she forfeits her's and her children's citizenship. As Camilla said…USA's loss is our gain.

  2. Kate or anyone else marrying into royalty cannot become the queen !
    There is only ever I ruler at any given time either a king or queen, Kate will never be Queen, even if William were King, you can only be born into the throne, you can not sit on the throne thru marriage.
    William would have the option to make her Queen consort.
    But anyone marrying in will never be a ruling king or queen

  3. I think it’s all bullshit and people get bored and make up whatever they want however being an American at this time if the queen wants the United States in my opinion she can fucking have it if she gets rid of Donald Trump

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