[Conspiracy Cases] The Denver Airport Conspiracy – A Secret New World Order Bunker?

The Denver Airport Conspiracy… from the massive network of underground tunnels to the creepy murals in one of the terminals; the infamous airport is certainly …




  1. Definitely reading too far into it when I first heard about this in 2007 I was all stoked up and beside myself with it but you always got to think openly and logically just ask yourself why would a plan this huge be revealed maybe they are warning us for something so we should look at it in a positive way if we keep f**** up as a people maybe this is what would be a reality you know our capacity to garner peace after all the destruction and chaos that has occurred is up to us peace is in our hands always has been

  2. There is no doubt that there are underground tunnels at the Denver Airport, put there is no space…we live in a closed in system. There is a firmament/dome above us, there will never be a asteroid falling from the skies…the only thing that will be fallen from the skies will be the stars on the end days, just like it says in bible in revelations.

  3. While an interesting video, i must say there is absolutely nothing strange about the masonic stone. it is a very common practice for the Freemasons to perform a ceremonial corner stone "leveling", during the dedication of a new building. If you walk around your respective downtown's you will likely see several building with a very similar plaque. the fact that the numbers add up to 33 is an astonishing coincidence. Furthermore the date on the plaque of 2094 is also to be expected as it marks the date the time capsule is to be open. most time Capsules have a future date of 50-100 years. Some of the other things in the airport do seem rather interesting and certainly peculiar however the dedication stone in my opinion seems very normal.

  4. You really need to end this. The original airport, Staplelton, was right next to down town Denver. The reason the airport was moved next to the ex Rocky Mt arsenal, is because it is far outside of the city. The blue horse is a Denver Broncos horse. You guys really need to give this up. I fly in to this airport at least 10 times a year….there is no secret at this airport, it is a massive hub for many airlines. The paintings you talk about are part of a display, not the air port. Get your facts right. One question, have you ever been to DIA. Until you go there, cut the shit

  5. Stapleton was unsafe. Planes could crash into neighborhoods. Now they have all the room to safely crash land away from people. Plus it was built to have plenty of room to gorw

  6. My aunt is a bigwig for IBM, been there almost 40 years. She sets up company projects in countries around the world. She was just in india for 2 years and germany for 8 months. Before she was around the globe she worked across the US, i just linked this video to her, and asked if she knew about anything with this as shes workd in Denver several times…..
    Im not gonna lie, her reply was " i really dont want to talk about it."

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