1. Lol.,, so true, so many distractions from whats really going on. Let me just say, iam a single mom of a 38 yr ole daughter, with 2 grandchildren, 17 & 18 yr olds that a few yrs ago thought I was a little on the crazy side,but now see me differently, thank God. Iam so getting ready to move from the outskirts of the city and live self suffiently to the Ozarks. I live in small apt. Above my mother on a busy highway to no where. Lol.seriously down sizing to get ready to get out of this area. Truthfully, its hard to save money & live also to do it. But, I am going to get my ducks in a row & do it. Head to the mountains like the Lord has warned.

  2. 49-1 forty-nine undocumented, criminal history/disposition unknown, immigrants oozed into the US for every anchor baby born. Babies are never bad news.

  3. The government may not be surprised by what is going to happen, but that doesn't mean we, the public, will get to know any of it until it's too late for us to do anything.

    I think part of the reason why many people jump on any rumor, however daft, is because an awful lot of people, many of them very, very intelligent, say they sense something big coming, so every rumor must be it.

    Now, I have talked to a fair number of people who serve on nuclear subs. One of the friends I grew up with did until he retired. They are wicked smart, as they say, but they are also extremely obedient. If they're given an order, they may question it, but if they're told they don't need to know why, they accept that.

    But, yes, the rumors about that are complete bunk, though there is a scientific scenario where the ocean could slide right up the Mississippi. The odds of that happening, though, and somewhere in the millions to one. If it were me, and I guess it is, I'd worry a lot more about Yellowstone erupting.

    I don't know how much pressure rock can take, and I am not an expert on the subject, but the way some of Yellowstone is rising, swelling visibly, means I am not going to live south of there. It's unlikely anything will happen soon, but an eruption is way overdue, Yellowstone is rising in large areas, so better safe than sorry.

    Then again, I don't believe God is gathering his people anywhere, either. Not the Ozarks or anywhere else. It's a story I've heard too many times in my own lifetime, and a story I've read about too many times in history books. It always has the same ending. Nothing happens.

  4. Cuz I don't have enough money to set up a proper self sufficient life and the authorities have me by the balls.
    Trying 30 years wo help

    Ok. Refining oil #11 priority….no investors

  5. Salinity shift? I saw that on youtube. I wouldn't mind being a little higher in elevation. The real test doesn't çome until after this life ends. Does anyone tithe anymore? We're so fucked.🐐

  6. Useful????!!!!!…how about revolution,blood in the streets,angry men with honor and dignity and morals, American martrs to WAKE these people up that's what it's going to take!
    Civil war against the criminals in govt. War against the EVIL in Hollywood polluting our children's minds,our fucking CHILDREN!!!!!!
    I don't even have kids(51)and I'm scared for them,these poor kids they are so small and helpless.So very sad indeed.

  7. This video is so relevant today. Everyone is focused on the school shooting in Fla. meanwhile the world is gathering in the middle east for war. Russia is backing Syria and Iran is with them. Meanwhile Turkey is bombing Syria and the Kurds, it looks like the U.S. has thrown the Kurds under the bus again. And, Israel is rushing missile defense systems to their northern border. And we musn't forget Korea….the Olympics are over and whatever is going to happen is going to happen???? The world is cooking and our markets are closer to a crash than ever. AS a factual matter ALL the guru's are saying "yep, she's going down the tubes." So why should we worry? Why shouldn't we.

  8. Yes, I've met one person who is stationed on a nuclear sub…..I don't know why they'd go crazy, those subs are bigger than a high rise building. No claustrophobia there.

  9. pastor Joe I think you're taking what they say about keeping their eyes in one place like keeping us the people's attention on North Korea and then blindsiding us the people not our intelligence our intelligence is in on the plots against us is what a lot of these people believe and sometimes myself it's not about our government being blindsided for our intelligence agencies it's about us the people being blindsided by them they give us what they want us to see and intern flip the script

  10. I was a low level Air Force paper pusher, but one time I took leave in Colombia for a wedding. They put me through the ringer on paperwork and I had to get a litany of shots, but I also got a bunch of info, even though, the US was at FPCon Bravo, (at the time) while South America was in FPCon Charlie, I can't remember what the sections were called, but one of the people I had to talk to had a map and it had the whole world parcled into sections, I wish I could remember more about it.

  11. Yes, I've met several people who worked in and on nuclear submarines. I was a medic in the Air Force and did a lot of things . . . at Myrtle Beach we had more than a few sailors go through our drug/alcohol rehab program. The worst was a guy, who after going through the program, supposedly got well, got some liberty then went out and purchased two gallons of cheap wine, brought it back to his hospital room and drank himself silly. He ended up going to jail that night because he got abusive and downright hostile with everyone- but mostly me. They tried to rehab him again because it's too damn expensive to train someone for sub warfare. Not sure how he ended up but I think he was a lost cause. The problem with alcohol is it lowers one's IQ down to room temperature.

  12. Many people revel in mystery while opportunity to change their lives, repent, find community with believers, and prepare are at hand. Your speaking of discernment and watchers of escatological signs may confuse the wisdom of men and God as has happened at all eras of human experience. Bastiat called it the unseen hand in political ecpnomy. No one knows the hour but he may know the season and most believers anticipate the Great Tribulation. Beyond this is the decay of an empire for which our republic resembles. Either way your approach is a winner pastor. Keep up the good work.

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