Conservative columnist goes snarky on Trump

Donald Trump at GOP debate Aug. 6

Donald Trump at GOP debate Aug. 6

Conservative columnist George Will took to national television to jab billionaire Donald Trump with some political snark, posing the question to voters in America: Is this the guy we really want to control our nuclear weapons?

“Since we are, at the end of this [political primary season] going to elect a president,” Will said, during a “Fox News Sunday” appearance, “people have to say, ‘Do we really want to give nuclear weapons to Donald Trump?’ At which point, I think, things change.”

The comments came after host Chris Wallace pointed to Trump’s surging poll numbers and asked, “What is going on here?”

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Will compared Trump to George Wallace, a former Alabama governor who held segreationist views and who was eventually paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair after being shot in an assassination attempt.

“Those deemed least qualified to be president are most qualified to do what voters want done today,” Will said, Mediaite reported, “which is to send a message.

Will also drew parallels between Trump and the 1960s-era therapy fad of primary scream therapy, where participants would simply yell as loud as they could in order to feel better.

Of Trump, he said: “He’s a one-trick pony [who says] ‘I’m rich, everybody who disagrees with me is stupid, and all our problems are simple. Put me in power.’”