Condolences and conspiracy theories: French media react to Strasbourg shooting

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  1. Why the manhunt? Is the suspect hidden in the imaginary no go zones that don't exist.same motivation as the German Christmas market last year.

  2. Why is no one giving his name or showing a photo from arrest pics. I'd want to know what this crazed mass murderer looked like if he was on the loose in my city.

  3. Europe needs to expel Islam, it’s the only way to ensure the safety of its people. Anyone caught practising Islam gets you 15 years at a military prison

  4. Folks, DO NOT forget this simple FACT : In all these Islamic RADICAL terrorist acts, the perpetrators were KNOWN to the authorities BEFOREHAND, even in the most deadly act – the concert attack.

    So, the question one needs to ask is WHY is France ALLOWING these acts to be committed ???

    My theory is that the French authorities are a 'BUNCH of COWARDS', who can't protect their own !

    The French authorities r the REAL CULPRITS !

  5. FAKE NEWS. Another staged shooting by the enemy JEWS. Jews did 9-11
    too. It's a Jewish World Order they are forwarding. Whats the so-called
    shooters name then you lying Jew cunts? Note how this happens when the French people are rising up and brings attention away from the protests. People are waking up more every
    day and justice will get all you conspiring enemies.

  6. Like in Germany, the government of France is their worst enemy. As in Germany their worst enemy is the government of Merkel. Macron and Merkel work for the globalist. For them The end justify the means. Eventually people revolt .

  7. In Canada the rights of the poor terrorists FAR OUTWEIGH the rights of Canadians to safety and security!! Our CRIME MINISTER Jihadi Justin loves these animals,and welcomes them with open arms!!

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