Collective Narcissism: Why Conspiracy Theories Are More Popular Than Ever

Why do you believe what you believe? Is it because you’ve been.. Bonus Videos & “Chemicals of Reality” Premium Video Available …




  1. about 25% dislikes….. because you might be a money grubbing narcissistic conspiracy theorist ? People do conspire … sometimes they conspire to discredit truth with a bunch of crazy lies…..

  2. I love the irony of this narcissistic, self-describing presentation LoL I genuinely hope that was intentional. If so, it's genius. If not, the creators of this content are fooling themselves and guilty of the very definitions they have given for "conspiracy theorists". I would have had much more respect for their thoughtfulness if there were more points added, though. For instance… Mentioning that the rise in "conspiracy theories" has more to do with people desperate to know the truth of what is going on, on our planet and less to do with narcissism. Or, the many people who voted for Trump because they saw the Democratic party becoming more and more tyrannical about violating the Constitution of America and they (Trump voters) thirst for freedom that we know we don't really have, instead of a seemingly "this is this and that is that" and "if you don't believe what we say, you are guilty of doing exactly what you would be doing if you did" LoL Beautiful paradox. I truly hope it is intentional. Even if it isn't though….. It is a grand demonstration of exactly the subject they have presented. Good job 🙂

  3. Uh ! Everything is subject to conspiracy theories when trying to decipher algorithms to a refutable evidential conclusion.These matters are always addressed in a judicial court with 12 juries , yes I guess you can call them a collective narcissism .Tell it to the judge and see if he's narcissistic judgment falls in your favor STRANGE MYSTERIES.

  4. Trumptards are going to be pissed by this video. Trumptardation is another sociological phenomenon that'll remain in the annals of history for centuries. Let alone Hillary's gullible and Bernie bros, when it comes to collective narcissistic-retardation, only nazis and bolsheviks compare to trumpstards.

  5. That’s to say no socialist, communist liberals narcissists voted for the top narcissist Hillary Clinton . Oh ya , I’m familiar with the people who made this particular video, they themselves are card carrying socialist, liberal, narcissists who all voted for crooked Hillary so there you go.

  6. So this is the vid that shows your true SJW colors. Let me guess: next vid is going to be about how Hillary Clinton was the best presidential candidate ever, but the Nazis ruined it for her by colluding with the Russians. ROFL. Talk about narcissism.

  7. This is such a well thought out, timely video. It ought to be played 24×7 on all of the news channels for at least 3 months. Thank you for doing your part to bring sanity back to our world.

  8. Is it Narcissism to find that our mainstream news sources are becoming so biased and being caught lying to us about major events that we turn to other sources of information that have been proven to be more reliable?

  9. Sorry but you are very wrong about Corbyn. Anyone can see the bias in just about ever media outlet.

  10. How many selfies do you have on your phone? That will answer the question as to whether you're a narcissist.

  11. If you have been personally affected from an event that has taken someone you love away from you and no one can tell you why because it's not in their interest to advise you with facts because their will be destructive repercussions on behalf of the entities involved. Then it's not a conspiracy and your a fucking idiot if you don't accept that.

  12. Once, I worked with a woman who was an extreme conspiracy theorist. In an attempt to steer her in the right direction, I pointed out that without facts and proof, you're dealing with pure speculation. As an example I made up a ridiculous theory about the world being flat…. she came back the next day convinced that it was. What we are dealing with here is idiocy, and the lack of self-awareness needed to realize that idiocy. I always say 'I know enough to know that I could be wrong', and people who buy into collective narcissism can never state this.

  13. There is lots of self-contradiction and whoever wrote the script for this video. Let's not fool ourselves, there are plenty of conspiracies that end in convictions. And those who speak on the truth will initially be marginalized as theorists even when they are not.

  14. Well after seeing what Doug Ford did to Ontario, I'd say we're too late on collective narssasism thing. I'm glad all you teachers are making your students on your side. I'm with teachers they lead our next generation but we need education reform and teach our kids to grow gardens and foods

  15. The American public are imbiciles. They're spoiled brats so they don't need to educate themselves. We have the greatest tech and accumulation of knowledge, yet have the stupidest working-class in the free world.

    God bless US capitalism.

  16. Our "current nature" is being exposed more and more in this world.. an example being how people drive. Our nasty selfish nature is in full view for everybody to see by the way we drive. It all turned out just like you guys planned it. Outstanding job.

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