Codename: Kids Next Door Isn’t REAL?! – Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 118)

Codename: Kids Next Door was about a group of kids who were field agents in their organization’s war against the tyranny of adults and they definitely get into …




  1. First number three is my favorite character. And I'm still mad at the producers because they never made it officially or Wally and kuki got together. But how do we know codename kids Next Door isn't real in real life. What if we can't remember being kid agent because we had our memories wiped? So, you know, what if codename kids Next Door is real in real life? Like we just basically had our memories white when we turn 13 and that's why we can't remember anything, that's why we don't remember if we ever were one. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm really starting to think this agency is real because my little cousin she's only 8 but she loves the shell because they still are it and it was one of my top favorite shows when I was little and she's always wanting to play secret agents with me. She acts just like Kuki to which is hilarious and she was my favorite character in the show. She also has an actual stuffed animal that's a cat that's rainbow. She always carries around. I know it's not a monkey but it's a thought. My mind just exploded.

  2. grandma stuffum and healthy food.. since when is deep fried liver and platipus and horse kidneys healthy. have you SEEN the food she serves?!

  3. Father is not based off fire. He is probably based off the parent that you don’t see much but when you do see them they have to play the disciplineary role.

  4. My fav was #4

    I can buy this theory since the metaphor of adult tyranny manifested in villains like Sticky Beard and Nightbrace, the sheer impracticality of all those different gadgets, and the fact that playing pretend is a total kids thing makes a lot of sense.

  5. I refuse to believe it! My favorite was always Numbuh 4, because he was the tough guy who was in love with his teammate. Also, his name is Walabee and that's just precious!

  6. I actually really like this theory, mostly because there's a bit of evidence to support it and this theory would add so much more depth to a childhood favorite of mine, and partly as a bit of wish fulfillment. I always had this idea in my head to start a long-running game like the one KND supposedly is, but I grew up in a pretty insular community with very few kids my age. Add in my particular brand of strangeness and a few peculiarities that alienated me from other people as a kid and I was always the kid no one wanted to hang out with. It wasn't until high school and a few really awesome summers at what might have been the greatest summer camp in the world that I really found a group of friends that I still have to this day, years later.

    I feel like this train of thought derailed, sprouted tank treads, and rolled right the heck away. I like this theory, I loved this show growing up. That's about it.

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