CNN Host Admits Trump/Russia Conspiracy Theory is Fake News

CNN’s Van Jones admits that the network’s Trump/Russia coverage is a “big nothing burger.” He was caught on tape by a Project Veritas reporter investigating CNN’s fake news problem. Media…





  2. Soon how do u feel now that jr admitted to meeting with Russians lol haven't seen u make a vid on it.. Perhaps an apology is in order dice

  3. Ok. Can we see the entire unedited video of the conversation with Van Jones? I just want to be sure the clip is not being taken out of context. Thank you:)

  4. It's Ted Turner's fault for hanging out with Jane Fonda. Instead of planting his seed she planted her seed into CNN. All downhill.

  5. If you want real news watch FOX
    If you want to know which members of Trump's family drink vodka, use Russian dressing, eat caviar or have ever watched the movie Doctor Zhivago then you need to watch CNN
    Because all CNN can cover begins and ends with the word RUSSIA

  6. Man, that Liberal Tears mug would have been such a fulfilling gift to my father. I wish he was here with us for at least 3 minutes to give him that mug.

    He raised me right, he raised me a Republican.

  7. my favourite 3 youtubers mark dice, steven crowder,hunter avallone you both are great sir keep debunking these type of shit

  8. If I'm Putin, who do I want leading the US – the party of 'reseting relations', leading from behind, removal of missile defenses from Poland, and a hands off Syria policy? Or a guy who is nationalistic, rebuilding the military, supportive of all US allies, and willing to hold Syria accountable? Even the admittedly dim MSM should be able to figure this one out.

  9. Toobin, Cooper, Armapour, Acosta and all the rest have been shown on public television to be liars. CNN is desparately trying to show that they're a credible news organization and no sensible person believes them.

  10. cnn is a big nothing burgers. What a screw up piece of crap news company it's all lies as soon as they start to say they are reporting the news. They are all lies they really think that cnn is still calling the shots with their deceptive lies . Now it's up to us to boycott this so call news media . All they want is sensational news lies or not they make it so obvious. That the public forgets fast another stupid person who thinks the same way is hilary. Pray for that people who are like this to have their sins exposed for who they are a bunch of people who do wrong and do not care who gets killed or hurt. All that cnn . Cares is the ratings shut them down they are as bad as it can be. They DO NOT DESERVED TO BE ON THE AIR. THEY ARE TOTALLY USELESS. WATCH THEM GO BELLY UP SOON. PEOPLE SEE THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE.

  11. Man, you're an idiot. "the Russia thing's just a big nothing burger. There's nothing there you can do that.." cuts tape.
    Keep grasping at straws. Maybe eventually you'll find the intelligence to eat your food without one.

  12. the US government is itself a terrorist organization. It is not just cooperating with the terrorists, and is the main sponsor of terrorism on the planet. people of all countries must join efforts in the fight against terrorists and to establish an international Tribunal for trial on crimes of the USA against humanity.

  13. Half of the people on CNN think the Russian thing is a nothingburger what is the big deal? Failing to see what the big story is here. I can't stand the Russian reporting, but its not fake. It is very real.

  14. I just love when CNN gets busted big time. I think Sarah is so right and handled it so much better then I would have. I stopped watching them or listening to them about a year and a half ago. My life is so much better because of it. NOW if the Clintons and Obamas were in jail I would be singing with joy around the house. I love your channel! GOD BLESS YOU.

  15. Make sure it's not fake news FAKE NEWS DAYS ARE OVER
    Why would information-terrorist get to get the right to terrorize the public with lies cause suicides murders they terrorize why wouldn't they themselves be terrorize? Until terrorizing fake journalists with fake news get sentenced to guantanamo prison, no one will change. They scandalize the mass why wouldn't they be scandalized themself massively? They kill create wars! Cause suicides! what's wrong with them getting the same??? Tell me I'm all ears. And been a declared journalist professionally since 1988 in London Montreal New York and Paris. And never wrote produced FAKE NEWS LMNOP MEDIA PRESS ANTI FAKE NEWS. I SHALL OFFER NO FALSE TESTIMONY JESUS
    Jurisprudences Matthew's 18
    Poor kids going to school thinking bad about the president scandalizing one's should be scandalized

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