CNN Fake News: Jason Miller Smacks Down Crazy Cuomo’s Russian Conspiracy Theories

Chris Cuomo continues to claim “Russians hacked our election”. That is an outright lie. The allegation is that they hacked Hillary’s emails and that influenced the …




  1. Cuomo Is A Tosser! There Is STILL No Proof That Russia Did Anything! CNN Is History ! HA! Get looking For A Job Loser!

  2. "talking points" i didnt knew then when Obama use that word when he was trying go defend his 'not saying the words Islamic terrorism', look at this CNN anchor i finaly understood, talking points is to keep talking so that your opponent dont have any chance to made any point, its not about good or bad points, its just monopoly the oppprtunity to made points, its like playing a chess with your opponent doesnt have a turn.

  3. Why the flying fuck does Chris still have a job at CNN? He was caught on video saying that CNN couldn't have helped Hillary any more than they have basically admitting he was part of that effort. That alone should be disqualifying.

  4. Am I missing something here?
    Why didn't he ask this CNN wanker, where is your proof?
    End of story… Make your accusation and provide proof that the Russians were involved, or shut the fuck up!

  5. The Democrats ought not to be so hasty to censor the news , because they have put out so many fake suppositions that they will definitely need the National Inquirer to be free to publish their pablum, because their credibility is fallen to dire straits.

  6. President Obama drew The Red Line in Syria, then the Iranians held Obama over a barrel threatening to pull out of Kerry's Nuke Deal with Iran , and so Obama had no come back ,no policy to deal with the conundrum, and so The Red Line became the Death of Half A Million innocent people in Syria, by a Proxy War which guilt is all upon the Democrat Obama and cannot be blamed now on George W. So who would think the United States is hacking the Russians and Chinese , as they are certainly hacking us ? That is right out of Mad Magazine, "Spy versus Spy" caricatures , which then repeated in the National Inquirer, sometimes brings out the truth, after so much faked stories about UFO babies and Satanic Hula Baloos. The fact is , the Democrats are asleep at the wheel , Obama is only Sophomoric in Foreign Relations, or else, he is a Manchurian Candidate systemically bringing about defeat for America. And of course, Comey said, "Hillary was extremely careless" And so , how can it be said that Donald Trump is not qualified to be therefore in that same company as Obama and Hillary a candidate to be the next President ???

  7. I dont remember CNN having a problem with Barack Obama in 2012 when he was talking with Russian advisors on helping him with the election and him taking it easy on American Russian relations

  8. Anyone at CNN who knowingly conceives a political treasonous implant onto the American nation without a care in the world. Needs to cease and desist WITH FAKE NEWS or very heavy consequences could prevail.

  9. This is a meme. There are 195 countries in the world. Is any of those countries hack into emails and tries to influence the election , you have to cancel the election. Fucking idiots.

  10. Putin hacked in because Obama put his foot down a drew the line. If instead, he would've actually done something about it, Chris Cuomo would've been reporting on other reasons why Hillary lost.

  11. Why are the USA government trying to make Russia out to be the enemy? Putin is no more cold and calculating than any other world leader and is a lot less emotional than most. The US are far more aggressive with their foreign policy and are absolutely savage in defending the petrodollar. Does anybody else see the link here?

  12. Cuomo losing it and becoming more and more unhinged. CNN like the NYT is all in to destroy and delegitimize Trump. Chris please seek professional help.

  13. so when the CIA say there is a flying cow hovering in our cities, you believe it just because they said it? We believe just because they said it, is that the point this duche trying to make? well then NO SALE! for me, aint buying it. I believe in something due to an evidence sir, not by what one's said. To quote Donald "You sir is a fake news!"

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