Clinton Conspiracies: 2016 Presidential Election

Mere days before the US election, it seems overwhelmingly likely that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States.




  1. Jaja, I never really noticed that the address to the house in the beginning is 1984… nice reference there, considering the subject matter of the videos.

  2. The podcast version is trash! Very disappointed by the lack of seriousness, insight, and fruitless comparisons to other presidents and governments around the world! Literally saying "this stuff does happen!" We know! Your channel is for stuff they DONT want us to know!

  3. And there is a blatant lie where it is said that Colin oowell had a server like HILARY! His server was located at the state department! No one has ever had a server in a BASEMENT before! Truly dissapointed! Shame on you Ben!

  4. Why is the Director of the FBI not allowed to influence the Election (not that investigating- i.e. doing his job- is influencing) but The President of the United States can by campaigning? They are both government officials. The same rules apply to both! Wikileaks, on the other hand, is absolutely allowed to influence the election. There is nothing illegal about that. Whether or not what they do in general is legal is another story.

  5. Much better than your Trump video….. Maybe in 6 months you can revise or make an edition to it…. lots of things you didn't touch on. like: Spirit cooking and currently #pizzagate , lots of stuff being released by WikiLeaks and even FBI to date.

  6. With Trump. You hope he is sincere about rejecting TPP and protecting Social Security. If Ryan ties the huge tax cut to gutting Social Security and Medicare. I am afraid Trump will sign it. I would like to see NAFTA redone. It was suupposed to eliminate taxes and tariffs on favored countries. They were supposed to do the same for our goods. We dropped our taxes and tariffs. They kept or raised theirs. Yet we never cancelled the agreement. Even after all these years.

  7. good… welcome to the fake news world… where CNN say we are the fake, but we say you are the corrupt media with two tongue snake…

  8. Get ready for martial law and Obama's third term everyone, you have been warned!!! Happy New year!!!

  9. Here are the facts: all liberal's are anti american idiots and Hillary lost so get over it and get busy making America great again.

  10. you never talk about the "replacement" theory you know when the elite paid some actor to get a surgery and replace certain celeb or politician to suit their agenda , like that cartoon and mgsv if you play the truth mission

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