Climate Change and Conspiracy Theories at the Great Barrier Reef – Uncensored

As bleaching ravages the Great Barrier Reef, Jim sets out to separate fact from fiction regarding climate change’s effect on the ocean. Watch full episodes of The …




  1. A scientist is not someone who follows the scientific process. That process is open for everyone to use, but please understand that it does not make you a scientist – not in any academic discipline anyway.

  2. we better be careful talkign about science.

    those jokers saying ''science is settled'' are insane. science is never settle. when a new fact enters our attention – humans change theories. Einstein was all against the man of scince with his theory of relativity – then it was proved with facts and the theory became science
    Galileo was all against teh world with this ''earth is round and not in teh centre of teh univers'' – well well, and all those religious types were sayign that ''science was settled''

    with global warming – yes, evidence says the globe is warming. but there are other quesions : is it becaue of human activity ? or is ti due to the earth natural cyces of cooling and warming? is it abput co2 OR the activity of teh sun? wil a warmer globe full of misery OR will Sahare become green again as it was in a few thousands of years when global temp was higher, evaporation and precipitation as well therefore more rain, more green sahara.
    quesiotn is also – even if co2 is the culprit, and humans are the ultimate evil – can we actually do anything abut it? can we strong arm the whole proces with out tiny technology compared ot the forces of nature? what woudl be the cost?

    etc etc you won't get that debate in papers or tv – the moment you start asking they will mindlessly call you '' denier'' and shut up for ever to carr on their onw agenda of taxing fossil fuels, transferring omreny to ''research'' guys, subsidising a specific industry or a specific company etc those people are smart, they use ignorance of good people to furher their own ends

    regarding the coral reef – very sad story. but I belive in nature. even if corals will die in some areas they will reemerge in less warm ares fuher away form the too warm waters. there will alway be coral reef just in another place – no biggie. plastic bags in oceans, overfishing – this is a big problem

  3. Hello to the residents of Queensland. I know I'm basing this on one issue but perhaps Malcolm Roberts does not have your best interests at heart. When people have the type of deductive reasoning "challenges" that Roberts has, there are going to be a LOT of decisions based on poor cognition.

  4. Sooooo, whilst knowing the sad answer to this…. We are letting these people, who are clearly and knowingly allowing the planet to be fucked, for monetary gain.. Why?
    This man, is firstly and very clearly a moron! If people are being seen to knowingly destroy habitats and the environment for money they should be locked up! It's a fucking joke that this man has a position in government, he should be out of a job after this! Fact!

  5. In fairness, global warming isn't even the main issue in the oceans.
    The main issue is ocean acidification which…

    …is also caused by CO2 emissions, and is a matter of basic highschool chemistry. Honestly. The chemical reaction involved is pretty fucking simple, as is verifying (just involves checking the pH). Anyone who has ever tried to keep fish or coral alive in a tank can attest to how very, very sensitive those fuckers are to even minor changes in pH.

  6. I can safely say that the world would be a better place if these people disappeared. They are the enemy of humankind, profit driven beasts that care only about their short-term gain over the well-being of our species over hundreds of years. And not only are they a menace and a danger to us all, they are also undermining science, you know, the fucking thing that single-handedly build the entire modern civilisation, the fruits of which these scumbags leech on to while having the sheer arrogance to shit all over people more intelligent, more educated, and more humble than they are.

    They revolt me to the core. Utter filth, every single one of them. And fuck the cattle that listens to them too.

  7. Jim, I don't want to upset you, but someone fucked up and uploaded first episode "Are We In The Age Of Unenlightenment?" after this, second episode.

  8. i thought quite a few of our MP's were uneducated moroms.. these are educated morons. Can't they be removed! Aw well co2 is naturally occurring so its not a poison, similarly like cyanide.. it is found in apples its a boon. So these are healthy moronic MP's.

  9. devolution of humans causes our demise. how are dumbshits not dying before teenage years. Anyone who says coal is good is obviously bribed and has no morales

  10. "Climate change is just a tool for big science to manipulate the population to get more money" ,says the guy taking big coals money to build a coal shipping route through the great barrier reef.

  11. A scientist is someone who follows the scientific method.
    Hmm than I guess that makes my 8 year old niece a "scientist" because she can make a fucking baking soda volcano.

  12. So is Senator Malcolm Roberts the Australian version of Trump? I always thought Australians were more responsible and educated on environmental issues?! Really hope his kind are in the minority.

  13. See how simple that is this global warming is nothing more than the natural cycles of the earth. If you listen to the top scientists that have been silence LOL by our media you would understand that these are just natural cycles they happen before and they are going to continue to happen no matter what we do so I'm a true democrat believe in the truth. The rest of you snowflakes Democrats are giving us all a bad name. So stop getting your panties in a bunch and do your own research and stop listening to people who have a biased opinion's.

  14. The Barrier Reef is indeed dying, and it is a shame. But it isn't due to fictional "climate change" as this propaganda short equates without even giving one reason for it. This clip wants to basically work backwards and is telling everyone, Because the reef is dying, that proves climate change. How fucking trivial and silly. Anyone reading this, if yall want, research what the radiation levels in our oceans are right now, and you will see many things are dying. Especially in that part of the world. Fukushima is still emitting radiation into the oceans, believe it or not. Look it up. Now ask yourself if ALL these scientists, Hollywood phonies, and eco-world crusading fags really gave a shit about the well being of our planet, as they pretend to do while selling the idea of climate change, ask yourself why the fuck none of them are saying shit about Fukushima decades after the accident still actively destroying our planet. They don't really give a shit. Just selling you all some game like some suckers. Think about it. They are covering up what is really destroying the planet, so what are the chances what they are selling you is genuine? Slim to none. Use your common sense on this one.

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