CIA provokes Conspiracy Theory FAKE NEWS that Russia Hacked Election

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains the CIA Conspiracy theory that Russia Hacked the U.S. Election. Start your FREE trial!




  1. there was a time i really believed What B. Bear (Clooney In Syriana!)was saying was Thruth As so many other Europeans did,with such a Record & carreer He couldn't be Just a shill or puppet 4 MSM ..but turns out he's just a Propagandizer at the highest level! Great Post & thnx for the Warnings & making us Think twice!✌

  2. Legally, the CIA operates only outside the United States–they are, by law, forbidden from conducting domestic investigations. On the contrary CIA never operates inside US. That part of the work is handled by FBI's counterintelligence division. CIA operates outside of US soil. The FBI has been doing along investigation in regards to this RUSSIAN etc stuff.. and FOUND NO TIES… The C.I.A is controlled by George Bush SR. etc


  4. Trump should disband that corrupt operation,, they are a threat to the US, all they do is RUN OPIUM FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES,,and SUCK US TAX DOLLARS

  5. what do you guys say bout trump saying that "climachange is a haux made up by the chinese?" I myself think trump is the biggest fake news reporter.

  6. fun fact: trump during the elections said: "The Elections are rigged against me." all his supporters were like "hell yes fucking liberals!"
    now he rigged the elections and nobody is allowed to say that he rigged it. sounds alot like in the beginning of when hitler came to power.

  7. To the establishment truth is propaganda and those speaking truth are terrorists , very sad to see how desperate they are to keep us in the dark

  8. We must have deep roots into the truth or we will wash away in the flood of lies and disinformation. Its very obvious that the msm is owned and controlled and can't be trusted.

  9. Mr Green, who do you call a 'radical left' being silent on H Clinton $$$ connection to Saudis and Quattar and now 'blaming Russians' ? are mixed up or deliberately misinforming viewers? it's establ. dems, ppl who stood for Clinton that are spreading this bullshit propaganda – and they are faaaaar from 'radical left', they are corporate centrists, neoliberals like Clinton, Kane, Pelosi, Obama…

  10. Bolton is a zionist stooge who has no credibility at all. The greatness of Trump will remain to be seen as how he deals with israel and the jew business parasites that are ruining this country for their own personal profit!

  11. You'll get your propaganda check if you become popular and disruptive enough. I'll never forget the day that Arianna Huffington got $350 million for turning over her site to TPTB after it was sold to AOL/Time Warner. This happened not too long after Jesse Ventura had his HP piece taken down (JV talked about 9/11). Of course, not every journalist is so lucky like Aaron Swartz and Michael Hastings who had less desirable ends.

  12. Ladies and Gents, what we're witnessing is a fascist coup d'etat in our own government. Remember what Julian Assange said: "They will not let him [Trump] win."
    Wikileaks has already stated that the hacked emails didn't come from Russia, but an insider from the DNC.

    The government is removing all the stops in blaming why Hillary lost and using that as some sort of banana-republic justification as to why Trump shouldn't become president.

  13. they fail to realize a lot of us felt this way prior to listening to you then we heard someone with a position that can go hard on them your blessed and found your place keep telling the truth real people know what's what and think before accepting any bullshit

  14. BREAKING NEWS: A Chicago homeless man just pissed on an elm in a public park in front of a dozen school children………well, blame it on Russia, surely, they must have had something to do with it, right? "Happy Holidays" everyone, stay blessed.

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