Chuck Schumer SLAMS Trump’s “Delusional” FBI Conspiracy Theories

Seanate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer admonished President Trump and extremist Republicans for touting FBI conspiracy theories in order to undermine the …




  1. Why do we have to keep hearing the truth and do nothing about it? Long ago it was beyond evident that Rump should be removed. Yet here we are constantly in horror over his unspeakably bad actions and behavior but nobody doing anything about it. When Rump dies it will be the happiest day of my life. Rump and his family and cronies should all go to jail for a long time or there is no justice. I will never respect democrats and republicans again for nor having ousted long ago the most dangerous semi literate baffoon our country has ever seen. I guess our government is waiting for the nuclear holocost that Rump is going to start. This is all a surreal nightmare beyond exaggeration. It is beyond any outrageousness level that you could ever describe or depict. It is like trying to describe 10 constant tidal waves within 10 constant hurricanes at all times. Rump is repulsive. So too his family and goon cronies and they have been given free reign.

  2. Republicans are destroying the very institution that protects us from terrorists, and yet Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell has said nothing to these Republicans traitors.

  3. Well said I don't agree with this man on most things but he indeed hit this on the head so play attention do your research and register and vote for better just better

  4. "It must not appear that you're trying to affect the network's news content. That's what you must do, but you must not appear to be doing that. That would be stupid." –President Richard Nixon, ordering staff members to get Bill Moyers's new show on PBS off the air.

    Please do YOUR PART: Every time you see someone mocking the special counsel's investigation or discrediting the idea of Russian infiltration online, and you suspect it's smokescreen posts by foreign infiltration, check out the daily updates at the bipartisan watchdog website Hamilton 68.com (https://dashboard.securingdemocracy.org/). Itt shows a daily Russian Bot and Brigade infiltration on OUR social media systems, their messaging, and even the hours they post! Currently the 'RELEASE THE MEMO" hashtag is by far the number one message. And it is the same message by REPUBLICANS!!!!
    DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY!!!!! These AGENTS are in THIS ROOM. If you see obvious Bot and Smear posts that are redundant, posted in every room you visit here, just flag them–erase every one of them. BUT don't argue with them. They get RUBLES for your responses!! It's OUR DUTY now as Americans protecting our free forums of communication. Don't allow them to bait you with the hate and divisiveness that TRUMP is using!!! They are THE SAME THING! They are ATTACKING OUR CULTURE AND COUNTRY!!!! We are the resistancwe. We are the last line of defense. Chuck Schumer just said it. Now let's do this. GET THESE PEOPLE OFF YOUTUBE and SOCIAL MEDIA!

  6. As much as I love some good Trump bashing…. It loses its allure when being delivered by a sellout who spends almost as much time on his knees at the Whitehouse as his republicans colleagues.

  7. "Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you," said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Tuesday evening on MSNBC after host Rachel Maddow informed him that intelligence sources told NBC news that the briefing had not been delayed.

  8. Chuck Schumer needs to lead a charge to IMMEDIATELY get rid of this president! We ALL know Russia interfered to get Trump elected, so DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE!!!!

  9. T stands for Trump, T stands for Traitor. Russian Oligarch Lover, American Hater. Anyone who stands for Trump, like the GOP Leadership, stands for Treason against American Ideals and our Constitution.

  10. They r already marching them to jail to await deportment. Remind you of anybody? Get this guy out of office. He's committed so many crimes already. They r playing like the Russians. I'm sick of this crap everyday. Sick of all of your money grubbing. Dems too. You actually took the government down only to kowtow to your DONORS.

  11. pay attention for a moment to some of these facts net worth Nancy Pelosi 29.35 million dollars Chuck Schumer 68 million Feinstein 42 million Allison 7 to 8 million Elizabeth Warren 10 million Paul Ryan 12 million minutes McConnell 68 million Lindsey Graham 471 million are you starting to see what the real problem is and maybe a little bit of the irony pity parties excluded we've already lost the game is over the elites of one now what are we going to do about it be the Sheep they want us to be and go pin-to-pin until we end up in the one that's called the slaughter pen or take it back we don't have a choice anymore there is no shortcut deal with it

  12. I am so ashamed of you, and what was once my democratic party in NY. I am a mental health expert, and I have done a lot of research on the issues involving the FBI, due to the fact that I received no assistance from Alfonso David, when I asked Governor Cuomo for help. Thereafter, I realized something was up, as I was being targeted, and it continues. A conspiracy theory might definitely be valid, and you should know this. As I know, a good business plan is also required to get money from a bank! And may I ask if you have ever been in a sorority or asked anyone you knew for assistance? And why do you keep blaming Russians, when America has involved itself and meddled throughout the world. No, Mr. Schumer, your dedication and work belongs in NY, and you did not assist me either. None of you did. You allowed a good woman to be disabled at Tryon, and there is also a murdered on…Donna Payant, that still might not have Justice! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_278toMuNg&list=PLz0Dwh0zfMkPw_o0icVgmTIR_6SljlGXt

  13. The Republicans are jumping off the trump crazy train because they know that something big is about to go down!

    Representative Trey Gowdy, Republican of South Carolina, after a House Intelligence Committee vote to release a secret memo on the Russia inquiry on Monday. He has played a leading role in the committee’s investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Credit Al Drago for The New York Times

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