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  1. i saw a video of a parade of krampus and they look at all of the children and ig they can tell if they r bad or not and if they r the krampus will take them to the underworld and will do something to make them not a bad kid and return them to they're parents and they r perfectly good from there after.

  2. So I am from Croatia and I've been told as a kid that St Nicholas brings presents if you were a good kid that year, and krampus comes if you were bad. So kids put their boot near the window and St Nicholas leaves presents in the boot, so we get presents that day and for Christmas. Sorry if there are any mistakes, I am from Croatia

  3. Hi, I am from Europe, Czech Republic, and I think Santa Claus doesn't bring gifts in holidays, so I would say that Santa Claus doesn't anything to do with Krampus. But that's just my opinion. We in Czechia celebrate 5th December a bit differently with Saint Nicholas, angel and devil but that is another story. 🙂 🙂 Have a nice holidays. 😉 🙂 🙂

  4. Knowing me as a parent (im not actually a parent but like future parent ig) I will tell them that krampus will take them to the underworld…

  5. Hello! I'm new to your channel,I subscribed yesterday and I have to say I am obsessed with your channel! ❤❤❤ Btw, merry christmas everyone!

  6. I am from Croatia and basically we get like smaller gifts(candy and stuff like that) on saint Nicholas day (dec 6) but basically if you were naughty that year Krampus will come and give you coal or branch.Also fun on saint Nicholas day kids put their boot on their window or balcony and thats where they get gifts…and then we get main gifts on Christmas 🙂

  7. In Croatia we celebrate St. Nicholas day and children put their boots on the window sills and if they were good that year they would get presents from Nicholas, but if they were bad they would get tree branches so their parents could "punish" them

  8. St.Nicholas day isn't really Christmas in other countries. It's actually where some other countries and most people in the state of Wisconsin, which is in America, get their stockings. The people who do that don't get stockings on Christmas though. The reason I know this is because I live in Wisconsin and celebrate St.Nicholas day and at school and other places I always hear people talking about what they got on December 6th.

  9. I'm from Croatia and we actually do celebrate St. Nicholas on 6th of Dec (sidenote it's also a name day – celebration of your name – for anyone named Nicole, Nick, Niko, Nicholas, Nikolina (me) and such names) and we were basically taught that Krampus goes with saint Nicholas around houses and he's like all black and has chains dragging around and the good kids would get presents in their boot from Nicholas (we had to leave a boot out says tradition) and the bad kids would get like a branch or a stick from Krampus cause they were bad and so they'd get punished with it idk but anyway.
    The story is not at all related to Santa, saint Nicholas was actually a priest or whatever and he'd help the poor but no one would know it was him and bla bla he's also supposed to be the protector of sailors.

  10. krampus came from Germanic folklore in the 1600's…..I only remember this because I love looking into folklore and mythology and look for it from all different places around the world they also had another one but I can't remember the name of her and she was the mother of nature and greenery I believe and her story was good too

  11. I live in England and this creepy event happened in the town I live in and villages close by. This happened in 1855.
    Okay so it literally never snows where I live and if it does then it turns into mush. That year it snowed and everyone was obviously excited. Everyone went outside to play in the snow but all over the village there were hoof prints. People thought it was a simple horse walking around but these prints were all over the roofs of their houses and it happened in multiple villages. You might find articles on it if you search it up but to this day nobody knows where the prints came from.

    Sorry for any shitty grammar mistakes. Xxx

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