Conspiracy theories that will ruin your childhood we talk about the Rugrats, iCarly, Full House, Scooby-Doo and more! CONSPIRACY THEORIES I 100% BELIEVE- http://bit.ly/2fFwfDm ONE DIRECTION…




  1. THEORY: another Courage the Cowardly Dog theory is about the episode "The Great Fusilli" at the end of season one. It ends with Courage basically controlling the dead bodies of Muriel and Eustace as puppets in an attempt to keep his life with them going. This scene implies that after season one all of the episodes are nothing but thoughts that Courage is having. It implies that Muriel and Eustace have died and Courage has gone insane, making him believe that they are still alive and is trying to make us believe as well.

  2. I could really believe courage the cowardly dog is written to be seen through a dog's eyes. That could make sense, kind of fucked me up cause I still to this day love this show and never thought it was like that.

  3. maybe it could be that for the harry potter theory,when hitler killed himself that its the same case with Voldemort because harry is Voldemort in a sense because when he tried to kill harry a part of him went to harry

  4. i hear- this in school the other day but think about it. what if danny wasn't able to have kids so both pam and danny agreed joey would be the sperm doner

  5. About the Full House theory (Look for TL;DR at the bottom if you don't want to read much):

    My entire family has brown hair. One of my grandmothers had blue eyes, but that's it.

    I had a dream, while dating a guy with blond hair and blue eyes, that I'd have a two year old, in the future. I left him, and dated others and eventually ended up with a guy with very dirty blond hair, and blue eyes. His sister had strawberry hair and blue eyes.

    His ex (with whom he has 2 kids) has naturally dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Their kids: daughter with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, and son looked a lot like the kid in my dream (he was 2 when I met him. In fact I went to his second birthday.) However, by that time, I was already pregnant.

    This man's mother, and her twin sister, have brown eyes and brown hair. His father apparently looked a lot like him.

    Now going back to the "my entire family has brown hair" thing, I spoke of my grandmother, but my other grandmother has green eyes. My mom (grandmother with green eyes's daughter) had dark brown eyes like her dad. My dad has (his mom with blue eyes) himself green eyes. His father's eyes were similar to my mom's, strangely enough, and my full blood brother has almost black eyes. My half brother and sister both have brown. Now I somehow mixed my mom and my dad's eyes, and have hazel (my Iris' are basically Split into two circles, the inside is green and outside is brown.)

    While I was pregnant, I was convinced I was going to have the child I saw in my dream, and everyone except one friend who had seen my dreams come true in the past, thought I was crazy. Statistically, that child should have had dark features, being that only green and red are more recessive than blue.

    When he was born, he had bright strawberry blond hair, and deep blue eyes. It's super common for kids to lose the red they have at birth, and I knew that would happen, but everyone told me that his hair could still darken once it did. Also, every child is born with the same eyes and their actual colour would come in later.

    So by the time he was two, no one could say anything. My now 7 year old still (albeit it's more dirty blond than it was when he was two) has blond hair, and very blue eyes.

    I guess I won.

    Heads up, my daughter is going to be a brunette with blue eyes. I left the biological (abusive) father of my first son. I'm not pregnant or anything, but I saw her (closer to the age of 7) in a dream, when my son was about 4. She's going to also look like her (their, because he stepped in when my son was 5 months old) dad :P.

    The point of all of this was that the Full House situation is quite possible. Each of my ex's children had recessive hair colours, and recessive eyes, and so does my son. His ex and I both have naturally dark hair (and I'm pretty sure her parents do too.)

    Three light featured kids, dark featured mothers, one of which had very little light features throughout her entire family history.

  6. I am right there with you on courage the cowardly dog girl i used to love that show then know that im older im really freaked out by that show even though i still love the show

  7. Just saying a small loop hole in the Voldemort/hitler thing is that Voldemort had a nose until the first movie/book. It was burned off by Harry touching his nose.

  8. No hate at all, I love your Channel. But the Michelle theory about Full House doesn't really make sense. Of course it's weird to see it with her edited out and them talking like she's there because she originally is there and they edited her out.

  9. Both my parents have brown eyes and dark brown hair. But I have blue eye and auburn hair and I'm the only sibling out of 4 that does so you're telling me my parents aren't my parents? 😂

  10. well the Michelle theory would make scene now because she is not in the reboot and they don't really talk about her in the reboot nor care about her

  11. Guys this video was prefilmed over a week ago! I'm in California so all my videos this week are filmed over a week in advanced. I know my friend Loey uploaded a similar video but of course this video was already scheduled to be posted by the time she uploaded the video. If you follow my twitter you will know as I posted the thumbnail for this video a week ago! I would never copy someone ever! x

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