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  1. what if …If mr. crocker steals timmy's fairies he is taking away his medication making him mentally vulnerable and unable to help himself so mr.crocker can sexually assult timmy

  2. I have heard about the Pokémon theory but nobody has really gone into a deep conversation about it like you did. Thanks totally needed. btw you just earned a subscriber. ????????✌✌✌

  3. Is it sad when she said " and guess what animal he literally comes face to face with " and I said a rabbit. Because of his best friend. I'm disappointed.

  4. The bikini bottom thing might just be an inspiration for the location cuz it fits in cuz they r sea creations ya know but different mental disorders yes

  5. My version of the Fairly Oddparents, I feel like he's on drugs, but they're illegal drugs…
    1. In one episode shows Timmy in rehab
    2. He never wants to give his fairies up
    3. That was extremely crazy shit going on as if you were high
    4. If you find his drugs, he'd have to give them up…

  6. I got a spongebob hanger for my Bock bag and it said something about the Pacific Ocean…….

  7. I used to think they said Fairy God Parents when the theme song played on the show! ?? It wasn't my favorite childhood show tbh, but I can believe the theory about them being his grandparents as guardian angels. I didn't believe that Arther theory at first, but that show was the best!

  8. Where the heck is The Rugrats theory? You can't talk about cartoon conspiracies without mentioning the most creepy childhood ruining theory on the planet!

  9. There's also this theory where Ash was actually schizophrenic. He imagined all the people he met and ran away from home due to a meltdown. Idk

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