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  1. You know that episodes of X- Files were based on so many conspiracy theories that after all of those years some of them turned out to be true, and now watching those old episodes is creepy as hell

  2. Maybe the 9/11 scene in that show was inspiration for the terrorist and not a prediction. Also 9/11 is shown in a Johnny Bravo episode. Check that out some time.

  3. Don’t know if you’re still following up in the Miquela case, BUT I found something weird. In one of Miquelas recent pic, she was posing with an account called blawko22, he looks like a male version/same type of dataperson as her!!

  4. They said excactly the same thing abour Adele that she turned into a reptile in front of her fans but god knows how no one hadnt any cell phone in their hands

  5. The last conspiracy theory freaked me out because I never thought of that and when the drama channel conspiracy theory came up, I would go to another video! 😱 Now, I would go through all the videos until I get to the end for now on.

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