1. Marlyn Monroe had depression and thought she was never really worthy of the guys she dated/married/was with she wasn't a narcissist but I agree with the theory

  2. I'm so late but Marilyn Monroe her life was taken away from Jesus Christ because Monroe said stuff about how fake he was and stuff something like that but I may be wrong

  3. Marilyn Monroe was heavily depressed. She was abused several times, consulted several therapists, had a very unstable life.
    I'm not saying it's impossible the CIA was involved in her death but it's definitely not impossible that she killed herself.

  4. She legit said a asteroid will maybe come close to earth in the future, legit one went by Earth on September 2nd.

  5. I feel like these twin ladies are being fooled. Shane DEFINITELY knows something. His words are carefully worded, he knows how to say things. Also, I think he COULD be part of the illuminati but I dont think so. Im not sure. But I'm sure he knows much much more that he isnt saying…

  6. I am a huge Jenni Rivera fan and I really believe the cartel killed her. They send her messages before she dies not to go to mexico. They hated her music and the message she was sending. Not the first time they threaten her, she even had to have the Mexican military with her on her shows in mexico. Before she dies she had made a statement on an interview on how if She dies she would worry about her children. Very sad story. Please look more into this. ???

  7. They probably the only twin with gifted psychic power in the world, and they're so beautiful. Luckiest ones to have such an amazing gift.

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