Celebrity conspiracy theories surrounding Twenty One Pilots, Paul McCartney of the Beatles, and more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P685iuGcIW4 …




  1. about the Eminem conspiracy regarding homophobia: I understand where they dont blatantly connect, but his sponsor/guide in rehab or roommate may have been gay. For something so big to change so much either means 1, he's now a clone/the conspiracies or 2, someone in rehab/his personal life that changed his life happens to be lgbtq/lgbtq supporters. I am the daughter of 2 recovering alcoholics, I spent most of my childhood at those events and around people like that so I just wanted to give my insight.

  2. this is the most retarded thing I've ever watched. songs backwards can't be helped because if you listen to the words played normal, they make sense, and most likely if they are to make sense played forward, doesn't mean they were focusing on what's being played backwards. illuminati was from the 16th century with a sect Spanish heretics who claimed special religious enlightment is all. and too much cussing for my liking but some of it does make sense.

  3. 9:08 not at all stereotyping, but a lot, and I mean a shit ton of the people who listen to 21 pilots tend to be on the more 'depressed' and 'anxiety' type of mind, it's very similar with NF as well. You can kinda catch it due to the rather depressive vibe of a lot of their songs and lyrics. Migraine, blurry face, and even heathens have a very dark story behind them. Which may attract the darker side of young teenage minds. So putting 'I want to kill myself' in subliminal messaging isn't all that surprising.

  4. okay I understand why people think the battles one where he's dead is true but in my opinion if Paul was dead and he has a body double my thing is once the others of the band died why did he keep going on with music he could have stoped

  5. tyjø and jish are WAY tøø pure and christian for that shit. And like these backwards songs things whatever you heard it seems like it has to do with tys past which is very personal like you might think that the blurryface character seems illuminati related, like I can see that but I dont think that they could have any other link with the illuminati

  6. does anyone else admire how in every video she looks amazing because in other YouTubers like Shane Dawson or PewDiePie she actually trys

    (I fucking love Shane a Felix so yeah)

  7. Like twenty one pilots….LIKE TWENTYONE PILOTS
    Edit:twenty one pilots actually do care for his fans so he wears his halo for us. and Tyler seems suicidal so that explains his goner backwords

  8. I'm sorry go listen to there music all of this would make sense because he would try to hurt himself so all of these make sense and u are just looking for attention and views

  9. twenty one pilots "growing so fucking fast"? what im lowkey gonna be all pissy now. it took them from 2009 to what 2015 (when they became like hella popular) to today. which is 8 fucking years "not a long time". girl come on. please at least do some more research. xx

  10. All I have to say about the Eminem theory is that I think his music is just brilliant. I don't think he would actually encourage anyone to commit suicide or that he would rape or beat women. He's an artist and his lyrics are very dark and morbid, sometimes downright cruel, but it's often written in a way that makes it funny. ". . .It's a fatal mistake if you think I need to be overseas and take a vacation to a trip abroad and make her fall on her face. . ." This line from Rap God is brilliant. The wordplay here is clever as hell and I think that's why he does it. My friend and I freestyle a lot through text just out of boredom and we say shit we'd never actually do. We talk about shooting bitches up and all kinds of stuff that we'd never actually do. It makes for good lyrics, it rhymes, and that's what it all boils down to.

    I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with anything or trying to start any shit. I'm just putting that thought out there. Yes, some of his songs are personal and I believe they reflect his feelings about his daughter, his wife, how fame took over his life, etc. The things like the previously mentioned line, or ". . .so I tied her arms and legs to the bed and pissed twice on her; look, two pees and a tripod. . ." are just clever and funny.

  11. what if tyler killed someone or is blaming himself for it, and is giving those messages, like he hates love or something, just saying, its not true, but it could. |-/

  12. Tbh the reversed lyrics creeped me out, but I wouldn't think theyre apart of the illuminati or that the lyrics are intentional? It seems liek too much work to create the whole song and listen back and see if what they wanted in was correct or somethin'. Then again, that doesnt rule out the possibility of it being intentionally put in there, as it seems likely due to the topics mentioned in the messages and what Tyler has written in his older songs. He has written multiple songs that convey messages of topics like depression, suicide, anxiety, etc. etc. Though he's also had songs that have mentions of God and religion related hope stuff. then again i could just be analyzing this way due to how big of a fan i am of them. I can also ee how the theory of them being involved in the illuminati can come to mind because of how fast they blew up. I had been a fan of them for about two moths before Blurryface was released, and I was almost surprised at how much attention they got from Stressed Out. They did have House of Gold become popular enough to hit radio, though it didn't give them as much publicity as Stressed Out did, it only gave them a slight push.

  13. you don't have to rip me a new one these are just CONSPIRACY THEORIES where did I say it was 10000% certain??? I only did twenty one pilots bc ya'll asked for it. So just like chill they're all just for fun.

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