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  1. I started crying about the joker one ahh on one of my fav shows Gotham (it's like how batman became batman) and one of my fav actors play who's gonna become the joker on it and he's alr going crazy (on the show) ahhh I hope it doesn't affect Cameron Monaghan

  2. do a video on tom cruz there is A LOT of shit about him circulating around the web and just life in general .. this is so crazy about the lil wayne video maybe the kid was a hard core fan an took on the role of living out lil wayne's video wahh that's scary to think about 🙁

  3. I always cry while watching your videos
    1.because you're so pretty 😩
    2.because when I'm creeped out/scared I cry

  4. Attached and detached ear lobes are genetic traits so (for example) if both of your parents have detached ear lobes then you will definitely have detached ear lobes. prince harry can't be prince Charles and princess Diana's son because both of them have detached ear lobes and prince harry has attached but guess who does have attached ear lobes… JAMES HEWIT! so it basically completely proves that he is James hewit's son 🤔

  5. I lived with a man that played the Joker at a character restaurant, and he literally ended up going to prison for murdering a man. The incident didn't happen while he was in character, but while he was on vacation while working at the restaurant and playing the Joker.

  6. Jennifer Lawrence is a fake. She falls once…maybe. But again and again. And the remarks about scratching her ass on rocks and she laughs when one fell and almost hit crew member, she laughed about it. Girl is where she's at because she road the casting couch and her 'people' keep her in the press.

  7. i live in kentucky and jennifer and i are from the same town and she seems to be as 'down to earth' as she is. like before she became famous, yes she was a different person. but, not completely, jennifer has always been close to the same person just since she's been in the public eye she has changed somewhat but not with her 'relatability' because i see jennifer as one of the more normal acting people in hollywood considering she hasn't really changed her persona or anything that much in order to fit the hollywood standard

  8. Hey bb. I've noticed that when you show a picture related to something you're talking about, you never show it for long enough. Just my personal opinion, but figured I'd mention it. loveyoubye.

  9. Hey Michelle! When I️ was on the internet I️ ran across this very cool I️ guess “concept” . It about President Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln being connected. It’s a very cool theory ! Please thumbs this up if you would like to see a video on this

  10. I’m curious to know if Mark Hamill experienced anything with the Joker, since he voiced him in the animated series. Also, is the guy playing Jerome in Gotham having any problems, or is he not, since it’s been said that Jerome is not actually supposed to be the Joker

  11. Immortal or Vampire
    Keanu Reeves
    Gerard Way

    No lie people who play characters like Hannibal Joker etc…. it drives you insane and stuff.

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