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  1. Ok. As a huge David Bowie fan, I have to clarify something. His song '5 Years' is not about a "musical god" that will come in 5 years.
    The song '5 Years' is about how the world will end in five years (in the story that the album is telling).

    Tid bit: The album 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars' (the album that '5 Years' comes from) is about Ziggy Stardust (a character of David Bowie's) coming to earth from space to warn the world that the world will end in 5 years, but he gets so caught up in the fame of being a rock star.
    The entire album is essentially a story. It's a great listen and some if his best work from the '70s.

  2. one day I want to mall…..I all photos I had hair on left… but suddenly in 2 of them it was I right. and may bff said u didn't even adjust ur hair

  3. idk if anyonelse thinks this but in the rugrats movie i remember it being yo ho ho with a bottle of rum but now i here yo ho ho with a bottle of yum

  4. Bruh, im so scared right now cause i told my family about the fema camps and the connection to walmart. We had to got to walmart and i was talking about it and then soldiers from the military walked right behind me i swear on my life they were there

  5. anyone else notice the triangle in the back of the music video he showed and how the voice "He will be a black star" sounded creepy
    time- 8:26

  6. I don't think the FEMA camp thing is true because that would require hundreds of thousands of US soldiers and at least a few of them would have morals , or all of them , and that would be National news.

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