1. Wow I’m deep into your channel after just a few short weeks.

    Embarrassing in the way that I’m on YouTube way too much.

    I’m an adult , kinda glad you don’t upload every single day cuz I would have to quit life to watch.

  2. I actually know somebody from my childhood who was born to a teenage mother and was adopted by the girls mother, or his grandmother, and they treated the actual mother as if she were the baby’s older sister. So his mom was his grandma, his sister was his mother, and his brother was his uncle.

  3. I don't understand half the stuff you said about Taylor… too much bleeping Shane… I'm stupid! I need more words😩😩

  4. U can do a story about michael hastings death & how any1 can hack in2 car electronics & assassinate people & how the fbi & cia smuggle & sell cocaine & heroine in america.

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