1. The photos of people from way back compared to people that are alive just made me think of vampires, like they live forever, so they could have been pretending to age and die, but really they just kept on living and resurfaced a while later 😀 hahah

  2. I've got one that is pretty big. I didn't come up with this, but I completely believe it. Knowing you, Shane, you don't watch the show Doctor Who on BBC, but there's a man on there called the Doctor, who has lived for about 1,000 years, he can regenerate into different people when hes dying, and he can travel through space and time. Supposedly, the theory is that he is real, and that BBC is using the show as a cover up. But, there are tons of pictures of like his time machine, (which is a phone box called the TARDIS) has been seen multiple times on like TV, and in reflections on windows and stuff. And, I've seen a few pictures with men who look like the actors who play the Doctor with real people, and these pictures are not shown on the show. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is one of Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor's 11the regeneration is him with the Beatles. It was a black and white picture, and Smith looked about late twenties or early thirties. He looks that same way to this day. Think about it.

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