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  1. The one with Tom Cruise is pretty believable. Especially if you note that he had to travel all the way to Greece to a doctor in order to have a child. I do not know which child or how many he has anyways. I am only aware of one girl and about this info.

  2. When the shooting happened in Virginia it was really close to my school and we had to had lockdown. it was real because i went to the funeral.

  3. I was at the meet and greet when Christina grimmie was shot I had already left when it happened and I miss her soo much she hugged me and was over all a good person to be around and she has the best vocal chords ever her music is amazing and she didn't deserve to have happen what happened to her. No offense if I hurt anyone's feelings with this.

  4. In the old Beyoncé and the new Beyoncé pic at 7:35 she has a beauty mark on the newer version but not on the old one they also have different colour eyes plus they younger one has less wrinkles

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