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  1. I have a dead sibling and I didn’t know about it for 11 years so it’s not like I could just say to my friends oh yeah no big deal I just have a dead little sibling so it’s actually very hard no to talk about it with my friends

  2. Justin beaver is a girl look it up and many top actress are trannys like Angelina Jolie is a man hard to believe but if you look it up you will find a lot of proof

  3. Shane: are they reptiles? Do they have dead sibling? Who are there parents?

    Me: are you rumplestiltskin(sure that's how it's spelt)

  4. Ok so I watch shanes old videos and new ones over and over again been here for years and every time I watch this one I find myself focusing on the three bandaids on his right hand🤣🤣also I fucking love you Shane

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