CAVALERA CONSPIRACY – Spectral War (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Order “Psychosis” now! http://smarturl.it/Psychosis Brutal & Back to the Roots! Bow your heads down to the Cavalera brothers! Breath in, breath out: “Psychosis” …




  1. This is exceptional work. The entire Psychosis LP is exceptional. Max and Igor Cavalera nearly picked up where they left off in 1996 with Roots when they were both with Sepultra. I like Sepultra even without the Cavalera brothers since Andreas Kisser (lead guitar) is one of the best. But after Max left Sepultra (starting with Against), Sepultra just hasn't been the same. It's very difficult to replace a singer and rhythm guitarist with Max's skills. And until this release by Cavalera Conspiracy, this band never lived up to the early Sepultra. Granted, it will be impossible for Max, Igor, and Andreas (whether together or separate) to put together what they did with Sepultra in Beneath the Remains, Arise, Chaos AD, and Roots. Sepultra hit grand-slams in each of those four LPs, which in my opinion are as fantastic as Slayer's Show no Mercy, Hell Awaits, Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, and Seasons in the Abyss (doesn't get much better than that). But, Psychosis is still a great release. Bravo.

  2. Jail Brotherhoods, Gangs, Folk people and Nations are built up like this. The actions of the A.C.A.B. led to what happens in Iran since 2009. The Actions of the M. B. led to what was happening in Iraq, Syria and everywhere those could fool people in. The Actions of the 81 led to the fall of the Soviets. The actions of the Maras led to Clintons apprupt end of presidentialship. Where will lead the actions of the southern and eastern european clans?
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  3. Far out theres a lot of hate for the current sepultura in these comments , i saw them in Auckland with death Angel and they were all good, Andreas kicks ass on the axe, Dereck is an awesome front man and vocalist , they got the double thumbs up from me, Death Angel – holy sheep shit they were awesome – again these supporting bands could headline there own nz tour, like Vadar supporting kreator .

  4. Hello to all max fans my name is russ I'm 43 fan since 88, first this is not sepultura, sepultura died in 96 please let it go it will never happen. Anything Max puts his name on is just fucking amazing so lets let sepultura lye, but I will say this AK should b a man and change his bands name he is disrespecting all of us and even himself that is not sepultura .Max tribe for live much love and respect to you all.

  5. Can't decide if this is great or just better. It's not bad but I really thought inflikted was a stunning album. I guess I need to listen to the full album. The mix is definitely better than Pandemonium though!

  6. What can I say… those guys are the creators of BRUTAL TRASH METAL e são palmeirenses caralho !!!! Não tinha como dar errado tocando juntos de novo!!!! Long Live Cavaleras

  7. Magos Negros, sigilos goéticos , guerras ….É…. poucos vão entender mensagem …..Boa Música Cavaleiras

  8. Magos Negros, sigilos goéticos ,guerras ….É… poucos entenderam à mensagem. Boa música cavaleras …..

  9. The presence of this song reminds me of something Behemoth would put out but with blast beats. Seriously though, this shit is sick.

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