Hillary Caught Lying Once Again On Video About Benghazi Murders, Claims Victims Families Are All Liars

In surprisingly good journalism for ABC News and George Stephanopoulos, Hillary Clinton was asked the right questions about Benghazi this week. This is especially noteworthy as George is a long time associate/employee of the Clintons, who normally alters his reporting to help the Clintons.  Hillary lied to George saying she never lied to the families blaming

Secret Recordings Of Corruption In Indonesia, Parliament Speaker Asks For $Billion+ Bribe From USA Company

The operator of one of the world’s biggest copper and gold mines was at the centre of a major political scandal in Indonesia after confirming that the speaker of parliament tried to extort shares from the company to ensure its contract extension. Maroef Sjamsoeddin, head of Freeport McMoRan Inc’s Indonesian operations, told the parliament’s ethics

ISIS Oil, Russia Claims Turkey Is Who Buys It

This may or may not be true, but we will provide the raw claims and photos for you to review. Last Wednesday, the Russian MoD delivered a lengthy presentationwhich contained compelling visual evidence of a connection between Islamic State’s illegal and highly profitable trade in stolen Iraqi and Syrian crude and Turkey. Here are some

Last Two Terrorist Attacks, 9 Common Factors Of Both Abdulazeez And Syed Farook, Global Warming Not One of Them, Video

There are many parallels between the Tennessee attack of Abdulazeez and the San Bernardino attack led by Syed Farook. 1. Both  Abdulazeez And Syed Farook were devout Muslims. 2. Both were born in the USA and citizens. 3. Both had recently graduated from American government universities. 4. Both were not poor at all. 5. Both were not suspects