Jerry Brown Warns LAX Will Have to be Moved Due to Global Warming; Update: Aide Admits Totally Untrue

California Governor Jerry Brown, presenting his revised state budget to reporters in Los Angeles on Tuesday, warned that California my be underwater in the future–not because of his budget, but because glaciers in Antarctica will collapse and sea levels will rise four feet over the next 200 years. Brown cautioned, “If that happens, the Los

Is Trump The New Armand Hammer? Cliff Kincaid

Ever since I started writing critically about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s apparent lack of knowledge on the Russian military threat and the nature of the Vladimir Putin regime, various conservative websites that usually run my column have been refusing to do so. These outlets of conservative opinion seem to believe that Trump is a

Chairperson Of Democrat Party Stumped To Find Any Differences With Socialists, College Students Agree-Video

  This reinforces a story AUN-TV did 4 months ago:  Esepcially since the DNC Chairwomen being questioned by a Democrat like Chris Mathews is stumpted to find any difference.     Did The Communist Party USA Take Over Democratic Party in 1988? Lets Objectively look into this question.    What evidence is there that