Did Donald Trump Run a Scam University?

In June 2009, Richard and Shelly Hewson paid the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, an educational venture owned by businessman and now–presidential candidate Donald Trump, $21,490 for classes that promised to teach them how to flip homes for profit. They ponied up the high price “because we had faith in Donald Trump,” Richard wrote in a January

Jonathon Moseley: Ted Cruz Is Natural Born USA Citizen

Jonathon Moseley feels that Ted Cruz’s lawyers are not handling this issue properly.  Below is his solution. First his background is:  Worked and volunteered in political campaigns since 1984, including serving as Campaign Manager in 2008 for Christine O’Donnell’s nomination contest running against Joe Biden for U.S. Senate. Moseley studied Physics at Hampshire College, earned

There’s Nothing Irrational About Donald Trump’s Appeal To “Working Class” People, Charles Murray

After reading the beginning of Murray’s article, was disappointed. He is one of America’s greatest and bravest minds.  He helped promote the “Broken Windows” policing policy in in NYC that has saved literally thousands of people there from murder. After reading further found he still is that amazing non-conformist mind.  He provides crucial information in

Professor: Negative Interest Rates For Driving Small Banks Out of Business and Eliminating Cash

More than one-fifth of the world’s total GDP is in countries which have imposed negative interest rates, including Japan, the EU, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden. Negative interest rates are spreading worldwide. And yet negative interest rates – supposed to help economies recover – haven’t prevented Japan and Europe’s economies from absolutely going down the drain.

Minimum Wage Dishonesty, Walter E. Williams Explains

Michael Hiltzik, a columnist and Los Angeles Times reporter, wrote an article titled “Does a minimum wage raise hurt workers? Economists say: We don’t know.” Uncertain was his conclusion from a poll conducted by the Initiative on Global Markets, at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, of 42 nationally ranked economists on the