‘We easily work with Assad, US & others as we don’t change our position’ – Putin in new documentary

Russia easily works both with Syrian government and the US as well as with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries because it does not change its stance, President Vladimir Putin said in a forthcoming documentary about the emerging world order.The upcoming documentary is to focus on “the new world order, where the world is heading, what awaits us all and in what future our children will find themselves in,” Vladimir Soloviev, Russian journalist, TV presenter and the author of th…

Thoughts on Thistle

Have you ever really looked at a thistle plant? Take off the “invasive” and “shouldn’t be there” glasses, and for a moment turn on curiosity. Thistle design is amazing, the leaves are deeply lobbed with sharp spines covering the edges and tops of the 3D leaves, that make it impossible to touch from above.

UK becomes the first G7 country outside Asia to ratify the articles of agreement of the AIIB

Take Note of the horrific 21st century developments:
World recession rages on to devastate the emerging markets of South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia!

Never-ending wars since 9/11 2001 and the “War On Terror” policy was legislated!!

Even the Western alliance is fractured and bickering among themselves with negative interest rates, austerity, deflation, rising poverty, unemployment, misery!!!