Lost Trust In The System: More Legal Complaints

Is when institutions conjure up visions of the populous not buying products, not showing up for work, withdrawing their assets from the banks, and in other words boycotting institutions where institutions loose all their control due to lack of public support and trust.
That is indeed a nightmare for globalists and their institutions.
The influential power hidden in the shadows of banking, governments, religions, and other elite constructs would panic.

Have science and monetary influences gone amok?

Recently, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and editor at Natural News, ran an article about science genetically engineering laboratory monkeys to present autism symptomology to be utilized for autism and brain research, which beggars the question: If they can cause it in monkeys, what do they really know about ASD and, consequently, utilize to be able to produce it? Why not think “reverse engineering” [1].According to Mike Adams,“The laboratory monkeys run obsessively in circ…

Emails show flint Govt bought clean water for themselves while residents drank poison for a year

As the water crisis in Flint shows no signs of coming to an end anytime soon, one thing is clear — not one government official has yet to be held accountable for causing it.As details emerge about how officials have known about the tainted water and simply allowed the public to consume it without taking action, newly released documents reveal that the state wasn’t entirely without action — for themselves.