Was Supreme Court Justice Scalia Murdered?

I only read about Scalia’s death today.
No, the title question was not rhetorical, and no, I do not know the answer to the question of his sudden death…

It’s unclear whether Judge Guevara’s statement will put concerns about potential foul play to rest.
Even as the cause of death was being announced, a report that the justice was found with a “pillow over his head” was published, citing the eyewitness account of the man who’d hosted Justice Scalia at the ranch where he died.

…As late as Sunday afternoon, there were conflicting reports about whether an autopsy would be performed, though officials later said Scalia’s body was being embalmed and there would be no autopsy. One report, by WFAA-TV in Dallas, said the death certificate would show the cause of the death was a heart attack.

Power walk: Footsteps could charge mobile electronics

When you're on the go and your smartphone battery is low, in the not-so-distant future you could charge it simply by plugging it into your shoe.An innovative energy harvesting and storage technology developed by University of Wisconsin-Madison mechanical engineers could reduce our reliance on the batteries in our mobile devices, ensuring we have power for our devices no matter where we are.

News Reports: “10,000 Greek Farmers Stage Massive Revolt In Athens, Destroy Police Cars”

The farmers are understandably upset with Alexis Tsipras and the government for a proposal to triple the social security burden and double income taxes in an effort to appease the powers that be in Brussels who claim Greece has not made enough progress towards fiscal consolidation since the country’s third bailout was agreed last August.

Three people see green-eyed ‘Bigfoot’ in Virginia town

A woman claims she and a group of friends saw a bipedal creature they suspect to be Bigfoot in a wooded area in Northern Virginia.The 54 year old, a retired woman who requested to remain anonymous but provided a full name and valid phone number, told Cryptozoology News on Thursday that she and two other people, whose full names were also revealed, were on a hike in Fairfax County when the alleged creature showed up.