Can You Handle The Truth?

The world is not what you were taught.
Most individuals are born with amnesia, schooled, and not tutored with the vast archives of restricted knowledge.
Classified information is less commonly known.
Restricted Archives of past events do indeed exist.
Artifacts and biological remains of unusual life also exist, but not on display to the public.

Ancient Indian Mandala found at Peru’s Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines of Peru are, without a doubt, the most enigmatic and mysterious geoglyphs ever discovered on the planet, but the discovery of an Ancient Indian Mandala makes the Nazca lines, even more, mysteriousMany of us have wondered, together with countless scholars, what the exact purpose of the mysterious lines is… yet no one has been able to fully understand, nor answer, the exact purpose of these mysterious lines. Were these giant figures meant to be seen from above? Do hey mimic co…

The wholesale export of Loosh

The wholesale export of Loosh or something else entirely?Have you ever noticed it’s dangerous to be different? It’s harder to make friends and easier to make enemies. Quite often these enemies can be in places touting high authority, where it appears the only acceptable stance is the status quo.

German supermarket chain made news by Banning Food pesticides

When Business Insider magazine says Whole Foods should be terrified of Aldi, it is time to pay attention. An announcement by the German supermarket chain was made on January 1st. Beginning ASAP and affecting all their US stores, the following pesticides will no longer be allowed on fruits or vegetables:


What a way to start the new year!