Mystery of disappearing Quasars

A dozen quasars – the brightest furthest beacons of the early universe – have suddenly blinked out, forcing a rethink of conventional theory Dr Mae-Wan Ho The first quasar ever caught shutting downStephanie LaMassa at Yale University had a shock when she found two radically different spectra of the same quasar J015957.64+003310.

Over 70% of Japanese against nuclear power plants after Fukushima tragedy

Over 70 percent of the Japanese are in favor of completely or partially abandoning the use of nuclear power plants (NPP) in the country after the Fukushima disaster, a poll revealed Thursday.Red Alert! Radiation Spike Registered Under Fukushima Nuclear PlantTOKYO (Sputnik) — According to Japan's NHK broadcaster that conducted the survey, 22 percent of respondents want the country to abandon nuclear power plants in the country entirely, while 49 percent par…