Could this bizarre image of ‘humanoid’ be world’s first taken during an alien abduction?

Paranormal investigators are looking into the case of a woman who is convinced she was abducted by aliens who "took these photographs with her phone."The unnamed woman claims 40 mysterious pictures, including one which appears to show a humanoid being, appeared on her mobile phone after she "lost time" to what she thinks was an alien abduction in her home.

‘We’ll fight ISIS until its complete annihilation’ – Russian FM Lavrov after Kerry talks

Islamic State and the Nusra Front won’t be part of the proposed Syrian ceasefire as the fight against the jihadists will go on until their complete annihilation, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov and his US counterpart, John Kerry, agreed during talks in Zurich.“The main thing is that we came to an unambiguous conclusion that the UN Security Council Resolution 2254 will remain the main basis for us to move forward,” Lavrov told journalists in Switzerland.