Cartoon Conspiracy Theory | The Secret Truth Behind Lion King 2

The Lion King 2 is full of secrets that Disney has been hiding for years. Let’s take a closer look and expose the truth.




  1. "How it might have been much darker than you originally thought."

    When I first bought the movie, I thought it was going to be extremely dark, like another pride would come and kill everyone in Simba's pride probably leaving Simba sad and depressed. What led me to this conclusion? All disney movies are dark. :3

  2. Kovo was stolen by zira and scar because one of his daughters was tricked by a lion who was going to kill scar and she is pregnant but scar and zira killed the male lion and took his son because scar only had girls except for nuka which scar thought was to weak to be king

    and in the 1st lion king there are 3 lioness with blue eyes nala serifena And a unknown lioness who is sunbaving on a rock with some other lionesses

  3. It's actually not uncommon to marry your cousin and is legal in many countries. Our ancestors did it. It's just become taboo in more recent years in several cultures for fear of birth defects and such should a child be born of the union. It just happens that America is one of the counties where it is socially taboo. Though I think it's legal in some states.

  4. That theory of Nala and Vitani is NOT TRUE. Sure, they both have blue eyes, but that means nothing. Sarafina had blue eyes. Let's say Vitani is Scar and Zira's daughter. Scar has green eyes. His nephew's mate has blue eyes, which is related to Vitanis dad, if we said she's scar and Zira's daughter. That trait could be passed on to her. Even ifshe wasn't related to a lion with bLue eyes, there could have been a mutation or something that made her eyes blue. Also, She was saying "Wheres ur pretty daughter" because Kiara was no where in site. Yes, its an old quote, but if Nala WAS vitanis mom, shouldn't she have shown more grief or love along with anger? But she didn't. Her eyes were dark, and she snarled at Vitani. Also, in the deleted scenes, Scar wanted Nala to be his Queen. However, Nala didn't want to, her hatred for him CLEARLY showing. This caused her to go find help, knowing it won't go good if she stayed any longer in the pridelands. If she hated Scar, there would be no way she would let him lead her to pregnancy. Even if Nala WAS Vitani's mother, Simba banished the unloyal lionesses to the Outlands. This was when Vitani was barely a cub. Why would she let her mate banish her own cub if she did nothing wrong? That makes no sense. Your theory makes sense, but it doesn't really add up. Good vid tho, even if I don't believe it's true.

  5. Only kovu was adopted vitani and nuka are kids of scar and zira and when vitani ask nala ,, where is your pretty daughter nala ? " she said about kiara

  6. Nala is not her mother, how can it be if her, kovu, and kiara is around the same age and and you only now that kiara is simba and nala only cub so what I’m saying is that if nala and scar did have a child it would be a lot older then what kiara is.

  7. Understand that in the first Lion King, Mufasa was THE ONLY MALE LION. I'm almost 100% sure that he impregnated his sisters. Even the one who had Nala. Because in real life, that's what lions do.
    (as a bonus, I'm sure Scar had a child with Whoopi Goldgerg's hyena resulting in Nuka.)

  8. The movie flat out states that Scar is not Kovu's Father. Scar obviously can't be the only Lion in Africa, it is more logical to assume that Kovu's Father is some other Lion.

    As for Nala being Vitani's mother: The fact that they both have blue eyes means nothing. Just because two individuals have the same eye color does not mean they are related. Also according to that theory Nala was pregnant with Vitani when she found Simba. Then she became Pregnant with Kiara, but somehow birthed Vitani first without Kiara being born at the same time. Lastly Vitani's "Pretty Daughter" comment was a slam to Nala that Kiara was not defending The Pride Lands with rest of The Pridelanders.

  9. The theory of Nala being Vitani's mom would make no sense if the theory is stating before she ran to find Simba she was pregnant with Scar's baby if WHILE SHE WAS WITH SIMBA it was hinted she got pregnant by Simba…..biology doesn't work that way. I never read the theory before but from how you stated it that's how it sounded to me.

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