Cartoon Conspiracy Theory | Regular Show

There is a shocking truth behind Regular Show.. It may just surprise you to find out. WARNING! May cause childhood to be ruined… watch at own risk 🙂 Don’t …




  1. 1. How did a teenager get into Russia by crossing the Bering Strait without a boat?
    2. What kind of gangs are in Alaska,what the Walruses and the Penguins?
    3. If the show took place in Alaska then were's the ice and snow?
    4. What about Margret,CJ,Starla and the antagonists of the show?
    Me I think the acid trip theory is somewhat believeable.

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  3. Why did in one show they wanted to be ghosts and they asked hive fives brother to be a ghost and they got scared when they couldn't be turned back

  4. if benson didnt want them to leave the park, then why does he always threaten to fire EVERYONE? Also benson is just the manager, what about Pop's father? [wasn't it mr.Mallard?] isn't he really the one in charge? Then, if the park is this form of purgatory and they're not supposed to leave it, then why do they have a city right outside?

  5. How do you explain the Christmas Special?
    Or how Tomas came to the park?
    Or how the episode where goes to Muscles mans party? Everyone was looking right at them… Needs more proof5/10 Rigbys

  6. Death would of had there souls cause he always annoys skips about it also what about how skips kill rigbe and has to arm wrestle death for him

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