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Did Dale know about his wives affair with John Redcorn the whole time? Let’s take a closer look! Don’t forget to drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on …




  1. Of course he knows. He's the most paranoid, suspicious person ever. He has surveillance all over that house and doesn't trust anyone.

  2. I think the biggest clue was that he said he monitors all incoming calls. I don't feel like there's anyway he wouldn't overhear John and Nancy's affair. I really wish they addressed this before cancelling King of the Hill. I feel like he must have found out and either left or stuck with Nancy because he knew Joseph needed a father and Redcorn sucked as a person and would suck as a parent too. He's still married and has a son he cares for and looks up to him while Joseph doesn't give a shit about Redcorn, which Dale is proud of.

  3. Redcorn straight up tells Dale to his face that he was with Nancy when Hanks cousin Dusty is in town doing a reality tv show and Dale is clueless. On top of which Dale thinks Redcorn is gay.

  4. So I have another theory. Maybe Dale was in the cia and married his wife for the alias. Maybe rusty shackleford is his real name and Dale is his alias. Theory is he escaped the cia and of you noticed on early episodes there was a van in the Ally that always followed Dale. And possibly John redcorn was sent from cia to kill Dale but instead shacked up with his wife. If you ever notice that in some episodes that Dale is in John redcorns trailer sneaking around. And possibly Everytime you see Dale bill pops up possibly sent by the army to keep tabs on him. Because Everytime the gang talks about growing up they never mention Dale. Except one time the mentioned the friend Rus.

  5. Dale would get the house because he has no real job, Nancy will be the one who moves out, just like how men who are the breadwinners tend to be the ones to leave their house after a divorce while their lazy wife with no job gets to keep the house. Dale will also get alimony from Nancy.

  6. A lot of people have already mentioned this, but if anything, I do in fact believe Dale didn't know that Joseph wasn't his son… consciously, anyway. Like the video stated, he's dumb, but he's not that dumb. Subconsciously he knew something wasn't right, and all of the conspiracies he seemingly believes in were methods for his mind to cope with the fact that his wife cheated on him. I doubt it was a deliberate means of keeping his status of life, but I do agree that, at least a part of him, knew what was really going on.

  7. Short answer:

    Longer answer: The show creators said in the documentary that they made Dale the guy who's wife cheats on him without him knowing. So no. It's cannon that he doesn't know.

  8. And I forget the season but Nancy and Dale ended up falling in love with each other again and Nancy ended the affair while John redcorn became real friends with Dell as well when he opened to get some of his land back and he stopped with the affair. it was tempted in the final episode of King of the Hill where Dale was giving Nancy a massage you made a comment about John redcorn which I think eventually deal Polly put two and two together. but throughout the series it seems like going to who weren't aware of the whole affair with Dale and Joseph. I've been hearing rumors on the internet that fox wants to do a duo revival King of the Hill with Mike judge said that they ever Duke, that they're going to change Bobby about 10 years as well as aging the rest of the cast which you know that's fine but maybe that can be one on the plot lines I think I'm finally see what happens with. Miguel does have a good life because I remember one episode Dale only pays for like one bill. As for Bobby being Bill sound like someone said is that true Bobby is completely Hanks son biologically probably just that he just developed his own interest and thanks he's different than his dad to personality-wise before cotton got his legs blown off in world war II he was just as tall as Hank.v

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