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  1. I used to hate kids show conspiracy theories because it's like why do you have to ruin my childhood. Just cuz there's weird crazy things going on in shows doesn't mean you have to apply logic to them (like the that's so raven theories). But now I love them so no shade….???

  2. You've just utterly annihilated my childhood beyond repair. I can no longer go to them for comfort or sanity…..marry me?

  3. I've been on a spree of her videos and I've started to really like em! She seems realist and you know thinks like us not just trying to prove the theory! Tho Shane is my queen but Kennie you've lured me sister and I'm proud! You need more attention ladyyyyy❤❤

  4. Great video, Kennie Kaye, but I'm surprised you didn't mention the Rugrats theory where Angelica is actually schizophrenia and all the other characters are either dead or fragments of her imagination! I definitely believe the theory that Scooby Doo is about drugs! Teenage detectives, monsters who are actually people in costumes and a talking dog! Lol! Giving Shaggy's gf the name Mary Jane was so obvious! ? And I'm pretty sure the live action was originally going to be an adult version and Shaggy was going to be a straight up stoner instead of them hinting at it! The Victorious theory makes sense, sadly and the Powderpuff Girls theories are totally freaky! I'm going to have nightmares!!

  5. the mary jane thing was a joke because they knew people thought shaggy being on weed was true which i think it is implied true yeah.

  6. i don't think he created mojo like where he just appeared mojo was his monkey and mojo was a bad monkey and got chemical X on him and turned into mojo jojo and the pedophile one i just refuse to believe lol

  7. I have no idea why but I don't remember him from the power puff girls but now I do and it scares the shitt out of me I have no idea why I didn't get scared of him when I was younger

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