Cartoon Conspiracy Theories: Are the Simpsons GENIUSES?! (ORIGINAL)

This is the ORIGINAL Simpsons Conspiracy Theory you’ve heard so much about! Enjoy! Twitter: @JonKScudieri http://twitter.com/#!/search/jonkscud… Facebook …




  1. I remember in one episode, Gramps Simonson told Bart he had the brains of a third grader so he could have joined the hell sharks or whatever it was

  2. In one episode (so sorry I don't know which one) Marge read like 15 books and learned how to be a builder and a crafts(wo)man in A DAY! 1 DAY! 1 SINGLE DAY!
    Nobody gave her a job just because she is a woman, so she asks Homer to pretend he does the work, and she hides in a cabinet (or something like that idk) and does all the work!
    In the end, she fixed a rolercoster WHILE HOMER IS RIDING IT TO SAVE HIM!!!


  3. even if bart isn't smart in the same the other simpsons are he has been shown to be very talented

  4. In the Simpson movie Maggie some how gets to Springfield gorge and drop a rock on the man who is going to kill her brother and father also Marge went to art school before she became a mum a apparently she was really good

  5. the plane crash thing is kind of a stretch I just think abe became senile in his old age and Marge is a Bouvier so she doesn't really count Homer, Lisa, Bart and Maggie what the theory says for them is completely true for me

  6. hey bro I would like to remind you there is a member of the family that you are forgetting it's not a constant number but it's an important member Homer's mom is super intelligent

  7. I remember an episode when Maggie spoke perfect engish! I don't remember what she said because I haven't seen it in so long. I don't even know what the episode was called. Can someone please tell me if you can find it?

  8. You Forgot Marge Simpson… She's my favorite. I know she's not part of the Simpson Gene but what are your thoughts on her. Smart or Dump. She sometimes makes stupid choices tho

  9. Bart is perhaps the smartest Simpson due to the fact that he is able to adopt languages quickly and has the most empathy as conscious takes the better of him

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