Cartoon Conspiracies | Pokemon Coma Theory

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  1. Heres a Theory: King of the hill…. Bobby is Bills son… Look into it… they look alike… Bill is always snooping around… gave bobby his familys secret BBQ sauce recipe…. and just so much more….

  2. AHA!!!NO NO AND MORE NOS you're brain can't make up figures it has to be something you have seen before so if you dream about your friend for EX your brain may trick you into thinking you don't know this person you have to have something you have seen before your brain can't make up figures and missy yes he could have since he stole her bike before "he went in to comma" but brok don't judge me I have no clue how to spell brok but back to my theory he had to travel a little to find broke so he never saw him before ever because he just started his Pokemon journey so he's never really traveled before so he's never seen broke and go on more to clement and all of those other people no way in heck could he have seen clement before SO… he not in comma BOOM WHAT

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