Carson ‘takes scalpel’ to Hillary’s lead

Dr. Ben Carson (Image: Fox News screenshot)

Dr. Ben Carson (Image: Fox News screenshot)

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are in a virtual tie on the national run for president, according to a new Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday.

And for the second time this week, Carson’s poll numbers actually put him neck and neck with Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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The new numbers: Trump comes in with 24 percent; Carson, 23 percent; Sen. Marco Rubio, 14 percent; Sen. Ted Cruz, 13 percent; and former Gov. Jeb Bush, 4 percent.

The remaining candidates all fall below the 3 percentage mark.

Carson, meanwhile, comes in first place on the favorability factor, with 82 percent.

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Moving up on the favorability front is Chris Christie, whose numbers in this area jumped from 32 percent in March to 57 percent.

“Is there a doctor in there house? There certainly is and at the moment, Dr. Ben Carson is delivering a troubling diagnosis to Secretary Hillary Clinton,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the poll. “With the election one year away, Ben Carson has surgically cut away all but one GOP opponent and taken a scalpel to Hillary Clinton’s lead.”

Malloy also said: “Clinton gets crushed on character issues, pounded by Carson and closely challenged by Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio.”