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Who better to help Ben and Matt close out their series on automotive conspiracy theories than CarStuff cohost and auto expert extraordinaire Scott Benjamin?




  1. It takes too much energy to split oxygen and hydrogen to run a car? Maybe,but to create hydrogen to supplement the gas only requires low voltage and low amps.The hydrogen created with these generators helps burn the air/fuel mixture for better and more complete combustion, it isn't meant to replace gas completely. End result is better fuel mileage.Keep in mind some minor modification to the engines computer control system is needed. There's all sorts of complex calculations out there that show that it's just not practical for these systems to work….Bullshit. They do work if done correctly.Tips….Titanium plates are better than Stainless steel plates( do your own research ! ),low voltages only , use the right chemical for the electrolyte….keep an open mind….This guy isn't telling the complete story, I wouldn't believe anything he says. He has that old school,cant think outside the box mentality. Do your own research, don't be a sheep ! Think for yourself !

  2. because water is not conductive it needs to add some salt or baking soda or some mysterious substance to make the water more conductive so it produce more hydro-oxide with less energy. 

  3. Damn Good Episode. Question . . . What does Scientists do for a Living ? 
    They supposed to be the smartest people on earth, the understand Physics, Chemicals, Mathematics and all that but why don't we ever see anything of value coming from them ? The iPhone does not count in this. Almost 100 Years the invention of the vehicle we still do not see any better source of energy other than Petroleum. Scientists are all sell outs. All of them. 

  4. Any smart businessman sees the short term($1 Billion) and the long term(Generations of wealth created for your family without releasing the patent).  But what do I know right? Co-ink-ee-dink, I'm sure.

  5. Leaving out the fact that other countries (like japan) has done this even with commercials and have been bought out and never heard from again.

  6. in the philippines a man claimed to invent water fuel, but government suppress it so he sold the technology  in japan

  7. This is bullshit, his device was named by him to be a "Fuel Cell"  but was designed as an electromagnetic seperating on the magnetized water molecules making the technical process barely defineable as a fuel cell. The way Stan Meyer tried to tack on the ideas and properties of a fuel cell was his way to try to get the idea accepted into the popular science and engineering businesses he was trying to sell to…

    This guy is talking shit about a technology he clearly hasn't examined enough, no offense. Did you even read the old patents?

    come on… his tech was using molecular magnetic fields to do the same job that the platinum based electrolyte driven fuel cells were only hoped to accomplish.
    And his process was a lot more awesome, because it also used a lazer [which would replace the spark plugs] with an injection system behind it, on the ass of the fuel transportation process… but nonetheless that doesnt take away from the fact that his "Fuel Cell" is barely recognizeable as such and was not well represented by yours "Expert" in its differences to the standard models of fuel cells used today which would have helped you explain why they are less efficient and why the Stan Meyer "Fuel Cell" was vastly different in a process-wise operational perspective…

    I'm sorry but more science please…

  8. As far as I can work out, Stanley Meyers used specific harmonic frequencies; a certain amount of cycles/hertz per second along with a high surface area. It's something I've always wanted to play with it.

  9. Hey guys can you bring Scott back on THIS channel? Please! This was a VERY COOL episode…love ALL the stuff about car conspiracies.

  10. Your Car guy is an idiot Stanly knew his invention would produce trillions a billion was just a drop in the bucket and he also knew that the offer was more to keep the engine off the market and bury it not produce it as was his dream.

  11. after the 70's oil crisis the auto industry introduce K cars and Mini Vans with awesome gas mileage.  One I liked was the Windstar with the 3.1 motor the got 32 mpg,, however when I went to buy my windstar in 2001 they discontinued the 3.1 and forced the 3.8;  25 MPG on us,, in 2006 the Windstar was changed to Freestar and they forced the 4.2 on us at 22 MPG.  When I pointed out it would make sense to offer a second engine option. They said it was not feasible; however they had a second engine option (the 3.9). Ford cancelled the mini van do to reduced demand,, I say its a mini van, not a race car, people still wanted the mini van, but not the v8

  12. I have a question that hopefully someone more knowledgeable than myself can answer, from what I understand the earths waster supply is essentially a closed system, that the water we drink is put back into the overall water supply of the earth after we eliminate it from our bodies. If we use a process where we desperate the elements that make up water and expend them by burning them to generate power, is that water just eliminated from the global water supply? Or is it recouped in some way, and if so then how? I am admittedly obviously not very knowledgeable on the subject, but from what I understand even though water is simply hydrogen and oxygen I was under the impression we were not able to recreate water even with the elements it is made of. So if this process seperates and burns waters base elements for fuel, is it permanently expended? If so is this really a viable source of fuel for cars?

  13. How about a video on how they purposely engineer vehicles to Break faster, be more difficult to the American consumer to repair themselves, and how they constantly add more ways to milk us for money by adding useless inefficient crap to cars.

  14.  Street cars were eliminated because 1. They were not cost effective (they lost money ) 2. DANGEROUS ! 3 times the  braking distance of a bus( which is why they scream along at 11 mph) ,ultra high voltage wires  13 feet off the ground !( instant death to anyone who touches them ! They can not swerve to avoid pedestrians ,bicyclists , children ,cars ,etc. They can not pull over to let emergency vehicles  go past , They can not be used in snow storms,They can not be re-routed because of traffic jams ,structure fires,flooding,EMS situations  ETC,ETC, It was just old 1920's technology! Plain and simple ,we don't have milk men anymore, or coal delivery men ,or blacksmiths,or lamplighters,or pull fire engines with horses anymore,or 100 things that we had in the 1940's  It was just old out dated shit that ran it's course,and needed to be scrapped !

  15. How much Energy is required to make 1 gallon of gasoline versus how much Energy supposedly is contained in 1 gallon of gasoline? This process has a negative value for an efficiency rating.

  16. Not going to cover remote controlled automotive car deaths? Like Michael Hastings? Seems like a no brainer to me but what do I know.

  17. I got 40+ MPG on flat ground in a Toyota Pickup running a hydrogen generator along with gasoline. That truck had an EPA estimated Highway mileage in the mid 20's. I guess that could count as a hydrogen hybrid. I want to try it again.

  18. There is an alternative to splitting hydrogen/oxygen bond other than electrolysis. Extreme heat and pressure. I utilized this as in the form of water injection in a standard gasoline engine. (slightly modified to run on a leaner mixture with advanced timing yielding more heat and higher pressures). While it would not run solely on water it did cut fuel consumption by 50%. This trick has been used for many decades, even by the Army/Air Corps for wartime emergency boost on some old WWII piston fighters.

  19. I dislike the idea that anything is impossible if we can imagine it im sure it can be achieved. I think the world needs people with a new way of thinking get rid of the old

  20. (forgive my lateness on this – the video came up randomly & I've yet to see all your past vids) I'm glad you've covered this… But my focus is on electric cars – which I KNOW are deliberately made crappy to deter people from buying them… I-mean: 1. who wouldn't want to never have to pay for gas again? & 2. with emissions & the environment in mind – why aren't electric vehicles made MANDATORY by our governments? I KNOW it's because of MONEY & controlling people – & I KNOW that it's NOT in the best interest of mankind… PS: Hydro cars & alike(anything running on something consumers MUST Purchase)are proof that 'they' want to keep us under control… PPS: We NEED To Get Rid Of The Money System…

  21. anything about pavement is true then we're going to be developing computers so much to take other people's job they will be the same thing

  22. Stan Meyer died the day after he made a deal with the US government, his last words to his brother as he lay dying were "they killed me"

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