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The DEA considers marijuana a Schedule I Controlled Substance, meaning it’s as harmful as heroin or ecstasy. But how did it become illegal in the first place?




  1. Most people think that there are only two States in the USA that have legal cannabis.
    What they are not aware of is that ALASKA legalised 25 plants for home grows and up to 4 ounces for personal use in one's home in 1975 and protects these Rights in Courts time and time again.

    Here's where it gets cRaZy…

    Hawai'i was an internationally Recognised Self Sovereign Nation that was illegally over-taken and the Queen deposed by USA Corporations by force.  Thusly, Hawai'i is NOT one of the USA's States; it's "occupied territory".  With that in mind, the Sovereign Nation of Hawai'i Never actually criminalised Cannabis and so is still legal there.  The USA Corporations just don't want you to know that.

  2. Please! Marijuana makes a person stupid. For a teenager, this is a gate way drug to something stronger. If legal, who would run the country? I've seen to many stupid people ruin their lives on drugs. Stop thinking of your selfish habits and protect our children. Then again, do you have the capacity to think that logical.

  3. how the fuk on earth r we gunna support funeral parlors -takin drugs that don't kill us?? come on get the fuck out there n die…

  4. The story doesn't make sense,hemp could provide cheaper more uniform newsprint for Hearst,and cheaper more uniform pulp and raw chemicals for Du Pont.

  5. you guys are to stoned to see what's true. if the masses are stoned there easier to control. why do you think half the States are legal and the other half is not? seizures , court cost, imprisonment, all make boo ku money.

  6. There are plenty of drugs that has some benefits and some negative side-effects. Any reasonable person can see why marijuana is not acceptable as a common medicine because the side effects are too unpredictable. In some countries, it is used as medicine when the side effects are considered less severe than the disease. However, healthy people usually don't need medicine. When one argues that people must be able to do what they want, you could say the same for anabolic steorids. Why can't body builders just go to walmart and buy steroids there and do whatever they want with their bodies.

  7. Did you know, that the first president of the USA, George Washington, grew cannabis? Did you know, that in America, there was a time where, if you grew 60,000 acres of cannabis and only produced 2,000 acres you were fined. No reported deaths on cannabis. Has over 25,000 different uses. Just those things to add in.

  8. The last theory at 3:37 shouldn't have been glossed over so quickly. I think this is a major reason psychoactive drugs are illegal. Because it changes perspective and makes people realize things differently. Like what is truely important and what we are told is important.

  9. Parents let their kids see blood, nudity, and curse words in movies shows and games but one plant and it's off. People really need to wake up.

  10. In all honesty, there aren't any conspiracies regarding the legality of marijuana other than corporate business (mainly lumber at the time, like you said) skewing the public's belief's for profit. Marijuana is a non-addictive substance, the ld-50 of the drug has never been reached by human beings (and lab animals that have been injected with THC in fact), and the issues regarding legality are purely political. It was first criminalized due to the competition with the lumber business, then over the years it's legality has been debated for various reasons, it's dangerous, it weakens soldier's willingness to fight, etc.
    The truth behind it is: Marijuana is a relatively safe substance, with no potential for death being directly attributed. No, Marijuana does not "expand the minds of users" (that is what psychedelics are for), it does however, provide individuals with a safe means of relaxation, pain relief, it is an excellent anti-convulsive used for various seizure disorders, and in essence, the criminalization of a simple plant has to be one of the most unintelligent, nonsensical examples of politics.

  11. ever since i got my medical card i have been smoking and there was one time where i felt an angel, a female presence in my room. I felt that it was in pain and i started feeling what it was feeling so i started apologizing for what it was going through because of how people treat the planet, animals and how people treat each other. It told me "Thanks for finally understanding,everything is going to be ok" i felt a hug and it left. 3:37 ??? yes!!!!!

  12. marijuana like anything else that can affect body chemistry will affect people in different ways.i smoked regularly for nearly thirty years. in that time i was an auto mechanic for 27 years. i was always early to work and stayed later if needed. my work was done as it should be and i had many people come back saying that they only wanted me to work on their vehicle.and though i smoked it did not stop me from having a great career as an auto mechanic nor did it ruin my life in any way.the only reason i stopped working on cars is because it was beating me up physically.most people really have no idea how physically demanding such work is some handle it better than others…

  13. anti-counterfeit technology. that's why pot laws have relaxed since watermarks sct/.the only reason canibiss was illegal is to keep the paper recipe a secret if one component is illegal it's harder to make the full recipe.

  14. 4:20 por vida! f*** all you b**** that dont like weed or are against it. us pro weed people are not going anywhere were staying weather you like it or not and guess what your sons and daughters will join us lmao

  15. Truth be told here. cannibis has taught me jesus christ guides my path and it brought me back to christ. we would be nothing if not for what we are right now. it can go back to nothing if y'all like. but I'm pretty sure this is better than nothing. knowing this though a journey with cannabis it can remove your impulse for being a hard working man. and the system doesnt want lazy creative workers. this is why cannabis is illegal. fortunately I've always been lazy so I've always searched for an easier method.

    all that being said the system that is in place is fairly decent compared to what we've seen in the past. only problem is the people who created the system that has created our comfortable world feels in danger and and urge to protect itself. so all of that makes the fucked up part of the world we live in. its all fear. and in cannabis we lose fear (as well as ego). remember once you have taken the path of cannabis and you understand the teachings of time as i do you will remember that you have responsibility and duty to keep this world turning for our children. (which is also for ourselves as we will reincarnate back here again when the time comes.) thats the mentality of the "elite" and thats why they feel they need to protect what they have because they want to keep playing the game of life.

    and personally i love snowboarding (as well as many other activities) so I'm interested in coming back to this. (even if most people don't have the capacity to handle the truth and walk blindly as a result)

  16. I smoked it only once a half cigarette when my friends insisted, I was so horrified to smoke because of fear of black out or addiction but man just half cig gave me an experience of a life time I can not forget, after smoking within 20 mins I started feeling relaxed and happy and then started smiling and laughing and then went all kinky, when I reached home I was happy and normal with a wide smile, and after one hour I started feeling sexy, I texted my friend and tell her what's going on she said just go eat something but stay away from coffee and chocolate it will make you more high, I ate and went to sleep. And I was fresh in the morning. I was happy and relaxed for one whole month. I wish I could find more marijuana but never found any again since my friends also got it very hardly just for fun on my friend's birthday. For me it turned out to be a gateway to happiness and relaxation.

  17. Did anyone notice the most recent explanation by the government for not legalizing was because they can't replicate it in a lab?! Seriously, you can't convince me that is not about the money.

  18. You left out one important part, Wharehouser totally conspired to get their paper process (consuming 10% of pure water) to print Hearsts papers. A brilliant , but flawed plan.

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