Can You Win an Argument with a Conspiracy Theorist?

The Earth is flat. We never landed on the moon. Tupac is alive and well, living in Cuba and still releasing music to this day. Conspiracy theories are all over the …




  1. My favorite one is Canada. Everyone's "girlfriend" in elementary school was from Canada, but none of them actually existed! Ipso facto strango rango: Canada does not in fact exist. Checkmate Theists!

  2. What is most painful is when you see your own parents grow old and start beliving in BS, reading BS, supporting BS and refusing to admit they might be wrong, using one universal argument of "life experience", which they have more than I do. If it were strangers, I would not mind, but this mental deterioration is as bad as physical one, when elderly people get stuck to wheelcharis or become partially paralysed after a stroke. We have means to cope with physical disability, but mental disability (not caused by stroke), simply by beliving BS, cannot be cured. And is very, very painful, and I often feel embarrassed when my dad starts talking his BS world views, referring to BS authors of BS books, who have super big popularity, because they are so "alternative" and "natural" and whatnot. The problem is you cannot ban human stupidity. Everybody has the right to claim whatever they want. Truth does not care about beliefs. There are useful and not useful views and beliefs. The tragedy of humanity is that a majority of people all around the world hold at least useless and misleading, if not dangerous beliefs, which infect brains, causing the typical, simple to "understand" – simple to put in boxes "us vs. them" worldview.

  3. cant wait for you to blow up man, been watching for almost a year now and im constantly waiting for a video to go viral. best of luck, sending u tons of support from a tiny island in sweden! 🙂

  4. Want to hear something funny?
    A kid came up to me while I was having a conversation about the earth
    Then I hear him say "The Earth is a cross!"
    And then I started laughing and he was pissed he was having none of that and he started throwing rocks
    And after couple of minutes of him throwing rocks at me he stopped and sat down and then said once again "The Earth is a cross!"
    I gave up and left the park
    Till this day he is in the park telling people that the Earth is a cross

  5. No…………..probably not going to happen.  People who ascribe to conspiracy theories – just as we also see with those who believe pseudo-science claims – denote people who are using "confirmation bias" to arrive at their preferred narrative.  That results in their willfully ignoring relevant information which if taken into account would act to render the conspiracy theory narrative moot. 

    Moral of the story:  these people are literally living in a self-created information bubble where they only believe that which they perceive serves to validate their pre-existing biases.  We know from studying the human brain that the longer a person believes something – even a lie – the "more real" it becomes in their minds over time.  These people are no longer in touch with objective reality the same as a schizophrenic believes their own warped view of the world. 


  6. There are ludicrous conspiracy theories like flat Earth and fake moon landings that are easily disproven and then there are true conspiracies such as MK Ultra that is mentioned within this video. We need to come up with a distinction between the two so that some of the more plausible alternative explanations can be discussed while some of the more ridiculous can be appropriately dismissed as entertaining but implausible.

  7. Winning an argument against a flat Earther is like playing chess with a pigeon, no matter what you do they will just knock over all the pieces and act like they won.

  8. Most conspiracy theories ARE falsifiable; the fact that their believers reject falsifying evidence doesn't change the nature of the ideas themselves.

  9. So you picked on the obviously stupid Conspiracy Theories. You did not say anything about 9/11.

    It is curious that Niel DeGrasse Tyson regularly talks about how smart Isaac Newton was, but have you ever heard him discuss the Newtonian Physics of the Twin Tower Collapses? To hell with the conspiracies, do the physics. Then figure out the conspiracy.

  10. We say a theory (statement, hypothesis etc.) is FALSIFIABLE when it is possible, at least in principle, to be proven wrong. There is also a philosophical razor called NEWTON'S FLAMING LASER SWORD which states that what cannot be settled by experiment is not worth debating. The one who claims something has the BURDEN OF PROOF.

    A scientific mind will look for evidence to the contrary. Pseudoscience looks for confirmations.

  11. Proving a conspiracy theorist wrong is easy part, now getting one to admit to being wrong that's the difficult part. What might help is asking one why one believe in the conspiracy theory in the first place and after one answers show one the flaws in one's logic. This does work sometimes but results may vary.

  12. Someone close to me claims mankind has the technology and the means to make cars that save the passengers in 100% of all crashes and that these cars could be made affordable enough for EVERYONE. The problem is the Auto Industry and their need to keep people in new vehicles for maximum profit, even if it means silencing the "Truth." The evidence is the relatively low NASCAR crash death rate. I've argued every angle I can think of to show how illogical it is. The conversation didn't end civilly.

  13. Wait I'm confused. What's a flat-earther's argument against airplane travel from places like the US to Australia, across what would be the line marking the end of the world in their theory.

  14. I like the one where ‘as long as it’s something from NASA, it’s fake’

    I would love to have flatearthers tell that to a NASA employee. Seriously foolish

  15. A shape-shifting lizard would try to convince me that the world is not controlled by shape-shifting lizard people. Nice try, but I'm on to your tricks!

    Just kidding, I came across this video because I'm trying to cope with someone that believes in many conspiracy theories. I subscribed because I liked it so much.

  16. I think it's important to keep open minds, critically think and make your own minds up. One of the 'smoking guns' that needs folks to wake up to is Building 7 that also came down on 9/11, no plane hit it, it had a fire where no other building came down just because of a fire. No black boxes were found or the ones found were lost! Although a passport of a terrorist was found.

  17. Flat Earther: The government has been lying about the shape of the Earth.
    Me: Okay, why would they do that?
    Flat Earther: NASA and the Government lie to us to get more money and power.
    Me: Ummm, how does lying about the Earth's shape give them more power?
    Flat Earther: Ummmmmmmm?
    Me: Furthermore, NASA isn't the only space organization on Earth, nor is the U.S. Government the only government. So, EVERY government an space organization would have to agree to keep it a secret. Take one look at history, and you would know that world leaders don't unanimously agree on anything. If the world's governments did agree to lie about Earth being flat, there would always be that one guy who'd spill the beans.
    Flat Earther: ……… That's what the lizards want you to think!
    Me: What?!

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