Breitbart’s PizzaGate Conspiracy: When Fake News Inspires Real Violence

Breitbart is responsible for pushing the fake news story about a pedophilia-related pizza chain somehow linked to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, which …




  1. Another shooter on Soros' payroll. If he had intended to kill… He would have. This is an attempt to draw sympathy for the people the NYPD claim are implicated on Abedin's laptop. The tool in this video doesn't have any facts… just more bullshit. Wait until the inauguration and see if the NYPD makes public the things they said they would make public. Heads will role on a biblical scale.

  2. All of you tools in here blowing off this as fake news, obviously have not looked into this at any decent level. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves for being a part of the harming of these children.

  3. Kind of ashamed of RoF for this…there is a lot of circumstantial evidence around the true allegations of this child sex ring. The first signs are in emails dating back to 2009 with Obama. It wasn't just Breibart publishing an article based on citizen journalists' theories on information they were finding in Wikileaks. This isn't some random conspiracy theory like a 10th planet or the earth is flat or we're living in the Matrix…

    Also, no one of credit has proven these allegations false…they are all just crying "it's fake news fake news!" without hard evidence against the contrary. Norway, Canada, and the UK have all just brought down multitudes of high ranking officials for this very thing. I have a sneaking suspicion that this "fake news" bullshit is an American made and sold MSM propaganda tool to discredit a very real and scary underground ring to cover their asses from Wikileaks releases…

  4. Awesome. I search the words "Breitbart pizzagate" and this video comes up as the first search result. LOL. You're trying so hard, establishment. And you should be afraid, because YOU KNOW that when you are finally exposed, the masses will literally burn you on the stake.

  5. Again this fat bald Jew continues to work for Clinton and democrats. Someone please shot this fat Jew bastard

  6. 10 seconds in and this dude already doesn't have his facts straight. "shoot up the place" …gimmie a break. One shot was fired in the floor (and even that is disputed).

  7. This guy is a typical liberal idiot. A brain dead zombie that cannot do his own investigation. Look at the evidence and connect the dots.

  8. With Trump in the White House, these fake media outlets will only continue to expand. You sue this tentacle of the hate media machine, not only will another one grow in its' place, but the Trump administration will go after you personally in such a sleazy way that you may not live to see another day. I'm sorry but the Dems have to learn how to stick it to these assholes the right way. That is, become their best friend, keep records of your interactions, and when they aren't looking stab them in the back by exposing their dirty secrets. Aside from that, there is no way to take these immoral, psychpathic, scumbags down.

  9. Before you jump on the "Fake News" bandwagon, you might want to actually READ the #PizzaGate e-mails.

    That is some FREAKY shit.  It's NOT normal.  Sane people don't talk the way that John Podesta, James Alefantis, Cheryl Mills, and others do in these e-mails.  The language is OBVIOUS code.  Obvious.

    I'm an atheist, a skeptic, and as liberal as I can be.  I have NEVER bought into a single conspiracy theory in my life.  But this PizzaGate thing is some next-level, rabbit-hole insanity.  If anyone EVER spoke that way around my grandkids or even CONSIDERED bringing the type of artwork in these businesses into my home, it would take me less than 2 minutes to get 911 and Child Protective Services on the phone.

    Farron, I love you dearly.  But I think you missed the ball on this one.  On the off-chance that this PizzaGate thing is completely innocent, that is the single most freaky, unfortunate, and macabre set of coincidences to have ever happened on this planet.  Y'all really need to take a second look at this one.

  10. I know this is old….But just wanted to point out…more fake news. That is what happens when NO ONE check ALL sources. I know people may not like Breitbart…but they have to see what they ACTUALLY said. Because I looked at what this video was about and they never said this occurred in the Pizza place nor did they say he ORDERED children at the Pizza Place. You have to check and not take these peoples word for it. Take a look at another article that people claim Breitbart said but did not:


    Compare this to the actual article from breitbart:


  11. what a fool! this really goes on and has through out history! this is a counter strike. shut this bald headed wank down! he isnt fit to even be on the field. he hasnt done his work into occultism and history!

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